[Cloud USA Poll] Which fantasy Rain billboard in London is your favorite?

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to Add 6/30: And we have a winner… fantasy billboard #3, the best-looking couch potato in the history of mankind, and by only 5 votes! Talk about close! Thanks so much for participating and making our very first poll a terrific success, everyone. Cheers! ^@@^

{*Edited to Add 6/29: Today is the 7th and last day for this poll, everyone. Make it count! 🙂 }

Why are we asking this question, you say? Well, because the fantasy billboard with the most votes will become our Rain calendar for the month of July. Cool, huh?

A long story short:

Cloud USA staffer Katie, our U.K. connection, was strolling through London when she happened upon the massive billboard below for the Renault Mégane, an automobile that sports a really nice glass roof. Check out the campaign tag line. “Rain. Kiss my glass.”

(The REAL billboard. European car mocks the weather. “C’mon, rain, fall on me, I dare ya!”)

Immediately the wheels in Katie’s mind began turning so fast that they nearly caught fire from the friction, and after she got home she was in the mood for some “sneaky editing”, as she puts it. Haha. These are the lovely, fantastic funnies that came flying out of her imagination. Brace yourselves.

(Fantasy billboard #1)

(Fantasy billboard #2)

(Fantasy billboard #3)

(Fantasy billboard #4)

It’s all up to you. Choose our July 2011 Rain calendar, and let the Purplezested One know which one of her fantasy billboards you dig most. You can only vote once, and the poll is set to go for a week (though if there is a clear winner, or the voting comes to a standstill for too long, we reserve the right to call it early.)

Have at, everyone. Thanks!

Stephe ^@@^ 

~ by Cloud USA on June 23, 2011.

15 Responses to “[Cloud USA Poll] Which fantasy Rain billboard in London is your favorite?”

  1. Katie, great job , do you remember the photo where rain was kissing a statue in china…how about doing another one with him doing that but put your picture in the computer with him kissing the computer with your picture on it… It would be a great picture I think….


  2. # 4 for me.


  3. This was a fun idea purplezest.


  4. LOL! Voted #1 but really they all look so FINE!!!


  5. I voted for #1 cuz Rain looks so darn hot!!! That toned arm is yummie!!! 😀


  6. Of course the couch potato!!!! Not to eat it- to get on top of it… 😉


  7. Katie!!!! You naughty girl….whatever where you thinking? Ok, I was thinking it too! This brought a smile to my face and made me warm all over…..Wish it was my cheek he was kissing…but telling you which cheek!


  8. Oh this is such an awesome idea!


  9. Can you do a tshirt with that? Pretty please!! I want a tshirt with Rain and Cloud USA logo in it. ^.^


  10. I like them all but I really do not understand number 2. Can someone explain that one to me? I like number 1 and 4 the most.


  11. #1!!! BUT also #4 bcuz a lil (or lot) or butt aint neva hurt nobody lol also i actually thought these were real ads at first. very nice job!


    ahahahah LOL… oh you got us here knock knock ekekek rain would u? :P)


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