[article] Rain signs with Hainan Asia Pacific Brewery, a part of Heineken International.

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Here’s another one for the JiHoon’s Endorsements section in our media blog sidebar—Anchor Beer, a brand that belongs to the popular Hainan Asia Pacific Brewery Co., Ltd. empire, a company under the massive brewery umbrella of Heineken International.

Heineken is known as the world’s most international brewer, and we can certainly see why.

One more endorser jumps on the Rain Train, fans. Who, oh who will be next?

Yet another smooth transition in the spokesperson department for our grown Man. We are pleased.

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(ngdab.hinews.cn / sohu)

[article] Korean Super Star Rain as the spokesperson of Anchor Brewery

Source: Hainan Daily / 163.com / raincloudHK

English translation: Scorpiola @The Cloud Photo Board

Recently, Anchor Brewery spokesperson contract signing ceremony was holding in a high-end bar at Gangnam-gu of Seoul in South Korea. Korean International Super Star Rain and Edmond Neo, CBO of HAINAN ASIA PACIFIC BREWERY CO., LTD, signed the contract and Rain became the spokesperson of Anchor Brewery.

In China, the most popular work of Rain is drama ‘Full House’ starred by him. He made himself more well-known in China at the Asian Games Closing Ceremony last year. In April, he topped TIME magazine’s ‘The Most Influential People in the World’ poll with 460,000 votes. Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon), debut in 2002. He is a famous Korean entertainer, also is a world-renowned super-popular king. He has topped TIME magazine’s ‘The Most Influential People in the World’ ranking. He sings and produces well. In addition of his outstanding performance in pop music, he’s also a successful actor, model and businessman. Rain released 7 albums since his debut (including 6 Korean albums and 1 Japanese album) and 9 singles. His album sales is extraordinary in Asia, in those, his 3rd album ‘It’s Raining’ sales over one million, which is very impressive. As the Pop King of Asia, Rain has held concert tours around the world (including China). He sought after by fans all over the world. Recently, drama ‘The Fuditive: Plan B’ starred by Rain is showing on TV. Rain’s box office appeal has been recognized.

When reporter asked Rain the reason of choosing to be the spokesperson of Anchor Brewery, he said he was very excited about this cooperation. He said: “Anchor Brewery is well-known in Asia and it’s very popular. As an entertainer, I have to keep trying on new things to bring joy and entertainment to my fans through different presentations.

HAINAN ASIA PACIFIC BREWERY CO., LTD CBO Edmond Neo answered: “Rain has a strong appeal. He has close interaction with his fans all over the world. We believe he will be able to become a very competent ambassador to establish a good image for the brand.

According to reports, Rain starred in Anchor Brewery’s TV CF. That CF was directed by Hollywood visual effects guru Chris Godfrey. Chris Godfrey has served in Hollywood blockbuster movies like “Babe”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Hero”, and etc. as Visual Effects Director, and he was nominated for Oscar’s The Best Visual Effects Award with movie ‘Australia’.

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6 Responses to “[article] Rain signs with Hainan Asia Pacific Brewery, a part of Heineken International.”

  1. Excellent! Anchor Beer has chosen the right man… He is cool and suave and the beer looks yummy too


  2. Oh yeah!!!! Keep those contracts coming people!!!! Can you put some of those ads in USA tv? So we can enjoy this georgeous man in our realm, pretty please with cherry on top? ^ . ^


  3. Awesome!!! This is what everyone needs to do!!! To have JiHoon endorse their products… Now, designers, call him. Where will you find a hotter model than him??? I’m ready to do his public relations…


  4. awawaw love this article another endorse CF .awawaw more gorgeous and yummy of rain ekekeek that righ this man nothing but COLD CALL ahahaha ya… here i came !


  5. You go Rain make all the money you can!


  6. Make your paper BOO! Just a thought, JiHoon why not endorse Kangol’s after all you love hats and they have some sweet hats.


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