RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 12. Reach out and touch someone.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 6/18.

Well, check it out, fans. We have our same favorite Dread Pirate/Majestic/Asiad theme, but new sub-theme footage accompanied by “Touch Ya.” Very cool.  Last week, when the episode ended, we had just gotten into one of the two ADIEU! 2010 with Rain New Year’s Eve concerts… and so let’s return there now.

“You (make me crazy)”, where the King sits on his throne and reigns over all that he surveys, has always had the makings of a saucy little number, what with those lyrics (the song was released on the Vol. 5 Rainism album in October 2008). I remember being so surprised when I saw the “You” choreography for the first time, during last summer’s ZEPP Japan tour, because I never expected it to be one of the songs in the show (I mean, good gosh, he has so many)… and I was really pleased because that choreography was every bit as spicy and sexy as it should have been. It did—and still does—the song justice, no matter how many times I see it. Yowzah.

(Haha. I suspect our PoodleHead likes “You” every bit as much as I do, from the way he throws down through the whole thing here. He even cuts loose with a few hard Round The World butt swings, which I distinctly remember doing down the Soul Train Line a time or two myself back in the day.)

When he takes a few moments to cool down and talk to the fans, he looks as happy as they sound. Aww. 🙂 And when he launches into “Not A Single Day/Harudo“, his voice is as rich and smooth on those lyrics as always. Makes you want to simply listen without moving. Without breathing. Because either one might spoil the exquisite sound coming out of his pipes. Know what I mean?

Ahh… let me take my long-sleeved shirt off right here, only because it’s hot under these stage lights, of course. And let me pull my black tank shirt not just out of my camos, but way up past my abs for a sec. Only because it’s hot up here. Of course. Yeah. Uh-huh, Rain. 😀 *trying to concentrate on Harudo despite JiHoon’s deliberate sabotage*

Any worry that Rain might have had during the ADIEU rehearsals about the concert certainly dissipated with the fans’ enthusiastic and warm response to his performances. And it seemed that he wanted to be close to them, to connect with them, eye to eye (quite appropriate, with eyes being the window to the soul). There was something in the way he reached out and touched people that made me feel a weight had slid off of his shoulders. Let me commend the fans he shook hands with along the side of the stage! As excited as they were, they still seemed to hold themselves together. And bless Rain’s heart for pausing in his singing for a moment to simply concentrate on graciously greeting them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… what a guy. ♥

And just like that, we’re into “One.” Everybody scream, because you know what’s coming!

Heavens. Moving on.

Now that was COOL at minute marker 10:04, when he tried to grab the One up in his arms as the spring-loaded elevator door in the stage lowered her down. Big points for that move, JiHoon! I noticed it before, but from this angle, the movement looks terrific.

So… as the Man cutely and expertly plays the audience like a fiddle (Louder… louder… Have some armpit sweat? No? You sure? ROFL) and gets ready to slide into “Escaping The Sun”, we are out of there until next week.

Loved the episode, Rain. Please keep ’em coming our way!

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(video credit : happyyyrain torrent / rainsnow / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on June 19, 2011.

18 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 12. Reach out and touch someone.”

  1. I love this concert so much!!! I cannot get enough of watching it!!! These Rainy Day videos are the best ever!!


  2. this is rainilicious! ^^


  3. Oh heavens help me! This man, this man, this man! I don’t even know how long it took me to watch this episode. Not a single day…….I watched that over and over because his voice was ridiculously powerful and he held that note a full 5 bars without a single breath and a steady note. Beyond impressed at that. Now I will shift over to the performance of One. Again, the thoughts and words that flew out of my mouth when the man was rolling that fine body no of the others can touch by a mile. I daresay the man moves smoother than the woman. The only thing I can think is WOW! I love this guy!



    • Thanks for the info newcloud!! Don’t know much about singing but Rain always impressed me with his beautiful voice from day 1. Did you see episode 8? He was rehersing Love Story and when he reached the high part he pushed it to the max and then went sky high. I still feel chills remembering it and it was a frigging rehersal!!! Mercy!!! 😀


      • No problem, I love the man and there are things I pay attention to with him that I’ve never paid attention to in other artists before or since. Of course, I always see everything with Love Story, it’s one of my favorites of his and the one I listen to the most. I get chills whenever he gets to that high part because he is so amazing. I am always entranced when he is singing that song.


        • You are right!! Rain’s performances are so amazing that my standards to measure other performers have gone higher and now nobody gets my attention. I found everybody else boring and lame. With the exception of Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Cristina Aguilera that are creative and have their own flavor.


  4. ONE = Hickory Smoked Goodness!! (Smell those wood chips BURNING now!!)


  5. @Stephe
    i emil u somthing please check thank ladies


  6. very love his Adieu perfrom their nothing so pwerful jucy SPICY and heating up on his stage ever!! the eyeball keep rooling and won’t stop until u death ahahah was that for real??/ oh boy this man killing of all that SICKNESS perfrom from his move top to bottom and drang he u make his ban move on “YOU” good MERCY !! the pull just make me pull out of my chair u know!! :P) O_O and ONE the way open that L,_L i just wanted hop righ on that L that full perfome so EPIC!! and i have watching 2 time now still do woooooooooooooottttttttttttttttt!! i think he say that perfrom of his SO CONTAGIOUS DITY dance awawwaw more pleaseeeeeeeeee


  7. I loved this one,thanks for sharing…..


  8. I Love the performance he does with one, and the way he opened his vocals at the end of it, WOW!! Rain has power and range we have yet to hear.

    Are these not being subbed anymore? Cause I wish I knew what he was saying.


  9. oh, my damn!!!! kekeke did i just read that you were dancing on “Soul Train”….???? i wish i had saw you Steph. THAT WAS THE BOMB of all DANCE SHOWS….Don Cornelius….”We Wish you Love, We Wish you Peace and We Wish we SOUL” OMFG!!!

    haha,,,Saturday afternoon special…..get the snacks ready, greet the company PARTY TIME and the day get’s started with SOULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TRAIN. yep, Rain is right on in there with the ability to totally entertain.


  10. Thanks for sharing!!


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