[official clips] Rain and MBLAQ, as brought to you by Mnet.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Freshly released!—the M!Countdown television broadcast recording of our Superhero and the Crew working “Hip Song” out on the Back To The Basic comeback trail last May 2010. “Soli jilleo!”

Rain Hip Song. (Credit: Mnet / CJ E&M / mnet@YT)


The official “Love Song” music video, from April 2010. And the Age of the Golden Ab Rolls was born. 🙂

 » Rain – Love song (official M/V). (Credit: Mnet/ mnet @YT)


The Boys kill it with “Again” on M!Countdown, this past January. And the A+s are right with them!

Again_MBLAQ. (Credit: Mnet/ mnet @YT)


The 2008 MKMF Awards (which would become the MAMAs the year after that), quite possibly the best television performance of Rain’s career. From beginning to end, it was simply astonishing. There was no Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake here—his own style had completely congealed and this was all RAIN, Singer and Dancer Extraordinaire.

» 2008 Mnet KM Music Awards – Rain performance. (Credit: Mnet / mnet @YT)


Same show, earlier year. The MKMFs (Mnet Korean Music Festival Awards) in 2004. Break it on down, Baby Boy!

» Rain performs at the 2004 MKMF. (Credit: Mnet / mnet @YT)


From 2008: Rain goes to Hollywood, signs with the William Morris Agency, hits the movie trail, and returns to Seoul as an icon. South Korea was so proud, it didn’t know what to do with itself.

» Rain goes to Hollywood. (Credit: Mnet / mnet @YT)


Rain records the theme song for Kung Fu Panda. So darned cute.

» Kung-Fu Panda the Movie – M/V featuring Rain. (Credit: Mnet / mnet @YT)


From 2006: The official trailer of “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK.”

» I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK trailer.  (Credit: Mnet / CJ E&M / mnet @YT)

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6 Responses to “[official clips] Rain and MBLAQ, as brought to you by Mnet.”

  1. Cool videos!


  2. i agreed we wanted rain to give it all his shoecase here in U.S. show them what this rain all about and blow their mind watching how his perfrome move and singing is rain is truly awesome and i have to say they are missing aomthing and don’t u regret it !! and yes i love rain Kung_Fu too when he
    sing i fall in his move i felt like he actually kick in this mobvies sing i remeber bak then i did notice was rain who sing this when i just roaming foe a clip to i run into this on next thing i now OMG!! it was rain who sing this no wondering the sound sound so smiular here so good rain he not just sing but he evern do his part to ekekek “everbody kung_fu Fighting ” 🙂
    i veru love his hair too so gorgeous amaginze he actually flim in this movie a real rain in their awawwa that would even kick butt their ekek . he making me SMILE the ending rolling up his hand ekeke !!
    i very love Again “Again” was in charge of Kim Taewan and composed by Lee Yonghak.
    thank tothem joonie look so good in BLond
    it suit him so good and i very love the Choreograper of their dance the boy very show the love of Power to Japan and yet his New comback 5 men Mblaq is coming they each looking SO HOT!1 rain your boy are welcome to hit a chart again!! i am prouds of them they very did amazing job gotta love MBlaq .


  3. Awesome video. We want some of that here in the US!!!! We love you Ji Hoon… 😉


  4. The visuals effects on the MKMF performance is off the charts.


  5. The Kung Fu Panda video I watch all the time on YT, it’s one of my “go to’s” for watching Bi. I love his long hair there. He looks so quintessentially Asian with his hair pushed back like that and very sexy (which I LOVE). Also, the song brings back memories. I’m about to “date” myself, but what the Hay. I remember when the original Kung Fu Fighting was actually played on the radio. Even though I was a tiny girl then, I still remember it. I used to sit in the back on the “hump” part in my Mom’s little green Pinto (yikes) and just sing my little butt off! ……to the radio of course (HA!) Yes, that was back in the “Olden Days” when parents weren’t required to put 4 to 5 year olds in car seats.


  6. Awesome way to wake up on Saturday! Overload of Rain and MBlaq before I even get out of bed! 🙂


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