Men’s Uno HK: Rain stands before them successful, confident, and mature.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Image credit: Men's Uno Hong Kong

[Cloud USA 6/15/11]

For those of you who haven’t been over there to see the June 2011 changes yet, we thought you might like a look at the Men’s Uno Hong Kong website updated with Rain.

FYI: The blurb on the page that introduces the magazine’s June issue feature story speaks about how Rain has transformed from a boy into a man—and quite well. The magazine recounts when Men’s Uno first interviewed Rain in South Korea for their cover in 2004, and found him to be—intentionally or unintentionally—somewhat childlike. They concede that he should have been exactly that, being only in his early 20s, and that now, after a ten-year career, he stands before them as an amazingly mature man of 30 (Korean age) who has continuously improved and reinvented himself in astonishing ways.

Also included in the interview is talk of Rain’s experiences around the middle and latter parts of his career, as well as his own thoughts about hard work, continued self-improvement, trying new images and new things, the military, the Dresden Music Festival, and even tweeting his leopard-print shirt picture from Germany.

It seems to us, from the tone of the piece, that Men’s Uno has enjoyed watching Rain grow, and grow.

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~ by Cloud USA on June 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Men’s Uno HK: Rain stands before them successful, confident, and mature.”

  1. Definitely a FINE and ultra sexy man!!!! Successful, mature and hard working. That’s how every man should be! I want HIM!!!! Well, I think a lot of women around the worls want him… 😉


  2. Grown Ass (yes I’m spelling it out) Man indeed, especially on the front of their web site. (SMILES)

    It’s always interesting to watch a boy grow into a Man. I watched hubbie transition like that and some of you have probably watched your hubbies/sons/nephews/boyfriends transition like that. It’s a cool thing to witness. One day their silly and annoying and then the next (it seems) they’ve got responsiblity and start taking care of business. Before you can blink you’ve a got a MAN on your hands. It’s an awesome thing really, ESPECIALLY if they turn out great! (SMILES)


  3. Grown @SS MAN fine! Hahahaha I’m sure he’s very happy with it. JiHoon’s just getting better and better. 😀


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