10 Responses to “Tweets abound: Brief fan sighting of Rain at Hongik U. in Seoul today.”

  1. To me he is gonna be huge no matter what cuz I am 5′ 2 but I really like that Rain is not slinky tall. By the videos I can tell that he has some broad shoulders and he is lean but muscular. I love his bod, manly, lean and mean. Just the way I like them!! Roar!!


  2. I think this whole height and he’s huge thing is hilarious! Over here people wouldn’t look twice and if they did it would be because they recognize him as a International celebrity and he’s very handsome….but height and size he’s SO NORMAL from our Western perspective. But many in the Asian culture are what we consider tiny. My co-worker went to a conference in Hong Kong last year and she took many pictures and told of us her experience. She said getting on the train there she almost had to duck cause even the trains over there are made for smaller people. She is 5’8. Forget about trying to find an XL t-shirt….you will go on a quest and the one she found for me fit like a Medium. I’ve got “girls” that need breathing room…..you know? There’s was also a picture of a toilet you had to squat to use…..I could just feel my knees cracking….Oh Lord! But that’s another conversation for another day. From her photos, Hong Kong is a very beautiful place.

    I agree Stephe, I think most people are complimenting Bi when they call him huge…..it’s just funny when they say that. (SMILES)


  3. OMG! That was so nice of the person to say Rain is big like the size of a bear! Aww that’s too cute! And he is a really nice big size, tall, athetic build, but not too bulky. I love his skin! LOL! Okay, I better go so I’m not late for work! Peace!


  4. I l-o-v-e his height!!!!! I like tall men since I’m about 5’8″. And I agree with Steph, especially when it’s not common for Asian guys to be that tall, it’s wonderful!!!!! I like them anyway but Ji Hoon has an extra bonus!!!! Love, love, love, love!!!!


  5. O yes he is taller than most Korean guys, for sure. What amuses me is when he goes to the stage in Korea to accept an award, he usually has to bend to talk in the mike or bring the mike up to him. haha


  6. Yeah I too think they mean it as a compliment. I think they are just in awe that he is so tall, built, and handsome in person.

    Besides Baegka are the other people he mentioned entertainers (singers or actors)? I wonder was he attending sometype of function.


  7. Yeah… I get what you mean, Stephe. In all the fan sightings and tweets that have been sent out by men, they’re all like, “Omg he’s huge!” I don’t get the sense that they mean it in a bad way. They seem to be just wondering where the hell he got all that lovely height and broad shoulders from.

    In most pics, he seems to always be wayyy taller than everyone else around him, which is always amusing.


  8. “just like the size of a bear ” I hope that was meant as a compliment. I dont think he’s that big. Muscular, fit, and tall..yes. But I wouldn’t say he’s the size of a bear. Yikes.


    • I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant (a compliment), especially if the guy tweeting was of average Asian stature (not even close to 6 feet tall, and thin). Even the guys in the military, who are in the best shape of their lives, were like, dang, look at him! They couldn’t believe how tall and broad and bulked up (and flippin’ handsome) he was. Hehe.

      And the guy at Seoul University, too. That seems to be the first thing that surprises a guy — Rain’s height and size. Seeing as he towers over most people, I can’t say that I blame them for feeling a twinge or two of “doggonit that should be me”…

      Stephe ^@@^


    • LOL, Gigi.

      It sounded to me like a compliment. Or awe, maybe. I mean, isn’t he pretty large for an Asian man?

      And honestly, an American guy who is 6″1″ tall and muscular can be intimidating to me. I mean, it’s all perspective. I’m 5′ 2″ tall and when my son (Alex), who is 6’1″ reaches for me to give me a hug, the word “bear” does come to my mind. LOL. So, yeah. I imagine that Rain would look a little intimidating to me too.

      Not that that would stop me from LOOKING, mind you. :-}

      Terri :-}


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