The latest on Rain’s Birthday Twitter Trend coming up June 25.

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Please see the notice below, posted on The Cloud English Talk board.

Thanks. 🙂


Rain birthday twitter trend information, 6/12/11 — by bilover23 (a.k.a. sweetjal)

Finally the trend date and time been decided. The trend day will be: Midnight 12:01 a.m Korea time on June 25th.

12:01 a.m means when June 24th turn to be June 25th. Here you can check your country time so you can be ready for the trend ^^ :

If you have any more questions I’m here [on The Cloud English Talk board] and my contact info: [my twitter account is: @sweetjal] [my facebook account is : Sweeta Ayj]

The trend facebook group:!/home.php?sk=group_222922221069142&ap=1

Important things: You should write your tweet in English; tweet in another language maybe not counted. Don’t add the trend name #29rain_birthday to your tweet only in the trend name.

Yesterday I closed the voting I made about choosing Rain’s birthday twitter trend. Today I counted the votes from many websites: the,, and Facebook. And I came up with this result. The trend who won the most vote is:

[ #29rain_birthday ]

Thank you so much everyone for help in voting ~ it was your choice after all ~ congratulations.

~ by Cloud USA on June 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “The latest on Rain’s Birthday Twitter Trend coming up June 25.”

  1. I’m with ‘Flower”… Can somebody do an example of the tweet? I’ve never done this and I don’t want to mess it up… Thanks so much. 😉


    • Peeps,

      That part of the instructions doesn’t make sense in English. The basic information is:

      At midnight (12:01 a.m.), Korea Standard Time, on June 25th, whenever you tweet on Twitter, you should use the following hashtag phrase: #29rain_birthday. Don’t use this hashtag UNTIL that day at that time. If you use it before that time, it will lessen the effect of the twitter trend.

      Tweet using this hashtag phrase as MUCH as you can as often as you can. It takes THOUSANDS of tweets happening all at the same time to make trends pop up on Twitter’s Trend list. As much as we have tried in the past, we have NEVER been able to make Rain’s name pop up on the list except during the MTV Movie Awards, when he was nominated for the Biggest Badass award. He trended that night really well, cause everyone everywhere was talking about him on their Twitter account.

      So, that night you would tweet something like this:

      Happy Birthday Rain! We love you! #29rain_birthday

      That’s it. Easy Peasy.

      Seriously, I think something is getting lost in translation somewhere. That’s all.

      Terri :-}


      • Thanks Terri for the information. Your instructions clears things up for me. What is the website link I can go to, to check what time I should be tweeting for my time zone?


  2. I hope I will be available to be a part of this. I have not did this type of thing in ages. I am not understanding this part:

    Don’t add the trend name #29rain_birthday to your tweet only in the trend name.

    Can someone type out an example of a message to tweet? So that I will have a better idea of how I suppose to type it on twitter.


  3. I so think I have to work that day but I WILL be carrying my phone around w/ me on the sly. I’ll try not to get in trouble… lol.


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