RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 11. Baby Boy not only looks fabulous, but truly happy.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast, 6/11.

It’s time for ADIEU! 2010 With Rain, his end-of-year New Year’s Eve blowout party concert where he and the Crew give 2010 the ol’ Heave-Ho. Laters, 2010… hellooooooo 2011. And what better way to do that than with die-hard fans?

Of course, as is proper for any world class artist, crew, and viewers-at-home, we all get loosened up before hitting the stage. Rotate… rotate… stretch… s-t-r-e-t-c-h… Must get all the kinks out in order to not pull a muscle, screw up a move, or outright break something during the actual performance, yeah? (Aww, he looks so cute, Mr. Task Master Ring Leader ^_~ … sort of takes me back to high school gym class, and Shorin Ryu karate class, where teacher would choose a classmate to lead warm-ups, remember?)

And so Rain warms up his hard-working thighs, SungTak warms up his broad shoulders, Gori warms up his hair… and we’re done! Everyone meets in the middle for The Pep Talk (where Rain usually reminds everyone to do their very best, to be extremely careful, not get hurt, have a good time and let’s go get ’em), one-two-three break!, and they are ON. Of course, there is a quick autograph, fan meet, and a final mirror check of The Adorable Cuteness on the way to the stage.

“It’s JYP, again. Are you ready, Rain?”

“I’m ready.” And indeed he is as the figurative ADIEU! curtain comes down and Rain launches into “I’m Coming.” Holy Toledo, Baby Boy not only looks fabulous, but truly happy. Bounce that hair! Bounce that hair! I’ll tell you who else looks fabo—the beautiful Women behind the Man. They are on point, and frame him like champs. *applause, applause* It doesn’t matter how many ADIEU fan cams or news clips we’ve seen (only a million)… watching Rain from another point of view is always like watching him new. I cannot explain why that is.

Then we’re through the Mission Impossible headbanger rock break and on into “Touch Ya”, one of the best ways to start any concert. The Men look wonderful during this song! They always do. My favorite parts are the very beginning, when Gori, Hongshi and Rain start off, and then going into the second verse, when the two cuties KyuSang and YongDeock frame Rain and simply throw down. You may recall that this was where Rain totally freaked the fans out by unexpectedly leaping atop a half-wall and giving folks some love. Just look at his smile, will you? ♥ ♥

Loved this RAINY DAY episode. Cannot wait for next Saturday. Signing off and saying ADIEU for now…

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(Credit : Happyyyrain torrent / ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on June 12, 2011.

11 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 11. Baby Boy not only looks fabulous, but truly happy.”

  1. Also, for what ever reason I loved his crazy looking hair like this then and still love it now. I cannot explain it but I really liked it. But I do love his current hair style very much too.


  2. I loved seeing the behind the scene stuff. Also, I loved this concert so much!! Rain was so happy and hyped throughout the entire concert!! His happyness was so contagious and his energy was off the charts!! The audience was so excited to see him in concert again. Even now every time I look at a video of this concert I get so excited and wish so much I could of been there. Alll of Rains concerts I have scene have been amazing. But this concert definitely stands out as one that is at the top as one of his best. This concert was truely amazing!!!!!


  3. These Rainy Day episodes are like scenes from a “VH1 Behind The Music” episode. Backstage “happenings” give you a glimpse into the person behind the fame/celebrity, if only for a brief moment. The real deal not the “beauty paegant wave/smile.” It’s all quite normal isn’t it? You handle it then Baby Love!! (SMILES)


  4. Ohhhh Rain, Rain, Rain. How do I love thee?? Let me count the ways. I have to say, all of his concerts have been incredible but this one was incredible x infinity because his energy was so out of the roof and his happiness is infectious. He’s so happy it’s emanating from his every pore. I love it. Also, why is it that I LOVE his hair like that now?? Lol that cracks me the hell up.

    Oh yeah and I also really liked his stage makeup here. His eyes are gorgeous w/ some eyeliner. Yum!


  5. Did a good workout.


  6. what more can we say rain is so perfect on his stage perfroms yet his streach for his exceries before they are rolling drang he very give me a good experince here i see rain do this all the even his Rainism day too ekeke in Thailand ahahah watching them doing it is very bough u a lot of FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a very good workout rain no wondering he have that pwer and enger that the dancing mechine ahahahahah!!
    btw… here her come my farviote hit the concert have started ahahah dran it cut off until next week for U i very wanted to see that perfrom )O_O
    gotta wait next weeek.
    also my question is why they didn’t do anymore ENGLISH trans by rainbird anymore it abot 3 epi no sub don’t know what they are saying 😦
    how i WISH jTUNE can make this into DVD i would love to get a copyyyyyyyyyyyy bad here! his perfrom in Adieu are the best so pwerful and the atmosphere are indeed .. very love his Adieu concert . gosh that TOUCH YA……….. !! move and break just totally a kick off for me alway the best and love it!!
    i found rain just so CHILDISH ekeke GOTTA my rain here 🙂


  7. Isn’t it so amazing how he performs?!!!! Yes, Rain, you’re The BEST of the BEST!~^_~+


  8. Loved seeing the behind the scenes stuff right before he goes on stage. Gotta love Rain, even before he steps foot on stage he stops for some fan love.


  9. Work it out BOO, loosen those muscles, The opening was AWESOME!….


  10. verrrrry important to stretch those thighs 1:49….they always get a good workout!


  11. AWESOME!!!!! Wish I was there- front row…


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