Tweets abound: The Gori-fied one calls it like he sees it. :)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

See there? When the Men were snowboarding on Hokkaido and looking oh-so-suave, and we were all squealing over them, and then RAIN came along and busted their business out in the street by letting us know The Real Deal (looks can deceive, i.e. “General Hospital”), I always suspected that the hyungs would get him back sooner or later.

First SooBong pixelated Rain out of his doggone Twitpics. Now Gori takes a brotherly dig—and a good one, too. I paraphrase in DirtySouth-speak: “His arm’s out of position because he’s the youngest—he don’t know no better.” ROFL! LOL! Hilarious. They are teasing the poor boy to death.

But there’s no doubt in our minds that they do it only because they love and adore their little brother so much. And they love to make him laugh. Nothing will ever change that. ♥

(What IS up with that arm, Rain, huh? Straighten that thing up! Have you contacted Team USA yet? Well, at least you’re covering the armpit hair correctly, so I won’t fuss at you too much. ^_~ 😛 )

(Tweet source and image credit: Park KyeongYeol (standing just behind Rain) / gori7911 @Twitter / English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.)

아직 막내라서그런지 팔의 각이 안사는구나…ㅋㅋㅋ 띵똥! 근데 띵똥이 뭔가요? 드라마에서 나오는건가?

Perhaps because he (Rain) is the youngest of us all, the angle of his arm doesn’t coincide with the others’..kekeke…Dingdong! By the way, what is dingdong? Could I only see it on a drama?

~ by Cloud USA on June 10, 2011.

12 Responses to “Tweets abound: The Gori-fied one calls it like he sees it. :)”

  1. @ Bia
    now i just hope i here that ding dong come out here coz the bang have such a flash here and u know what he staright and as soon he flip of the water i am their aawawaw .gosh rain what heck in his tweet these nowaday ….!! look like someone about to crush in here ahahahahha mercy i am craking up Lol… rain cover his armpit i guess he say ya… see this this it all about the boooooooooooooya…!! :P)
    i enjoy your hilarious move here that yea… THAT POLL pictr so EPIC…. INDEED !!


  2. Poor baby rain, they got u!!!!! Now I’m waiting for the pay back >.<


  3. I would love to see them spinning and doing a coreography- very nice!!! 😉


  4. Heck, he can’t straighten that arm because of his Oh So Wide shoulders. I’m not E V E N going to comment on Ding Dong. I’ll only say it’s…..ummm….the sound a doorbell makes and leave it at that….it’s safer. (SMILES)


    • ROFL.

      I know that’s right. And I’m luvin’ Greatest Love too, by golly. It’s so funny, especially when the wardrobe and JiWoo expressions suggest that “Rain” ego. Ha ha.

      Terri :-}


      • Miss Terri,

        I think you keep getting me and Divalicious confused, but it’s OK not a “problema” (SMILES)

        We both commented on ding dong but Diva commented on Greatest Love, which now I’m curious about. (SMILES)


      • Lol I know right??


    • ROFL! ㅋㅋㅋkekeke Why oh WHY did Gori say the dingdong word…



  5. Lol awww! And double lol @ ding dong. I love Greatest Love. A must see drama.


  6. hahahahahahahaha


  7. Oh jeez, they’ve started a twitter war… this is gonna be epic! 😀 I can’t wait to see what Rain has to say! And I wonder if anyone else will get involved? That would be fun!


  8. LOL, I love seeing them banter back and forth. 🙂


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