[images] Rain outdoes himself yet again in the June 2011 LOTTE Global Lifestyle Magazine.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

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We are well used to Rain either covering or being featured inside the LOTTE Homme (for men) and seeing his ads inside the LOTTE Femme (for women), Lotte Duty Free’s magazines for Asian consumers, for the past year.

Now feast your eyes on the Man’s cover and jam-packed star portrait in the June 2011 Vol. 31 issue of the LOTTE Global Lifestyle Magazine in Korea and in Japan. (FYI: Most of these pictures are from mid-2009, right around the Legend of Rainism tour start, but they’re so gorgeous that it doesn’t even matter!)

Just click on the red and white GO>> button to view the entire 93-page magazine virtually—and might I suggest you do that on the Japanese site (see link above), because the Korean site seems to have viewing problems at the moment (what a surprise). Nice issue, as always!

GORGEOUS pictures, Rain. You continually outdo yourself, everywhere you go.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(Source: Lotte Duty Free / All captures: Scorpiola @rain-cloud Photo board)

~ by Cloud USA on June 10, 2011.

14 Responses to “[images] Rain outdoes himself yet again in the June 2011 LOTTE Global Lifestyle Magazine.”

  1. Jesus the first one is sooo hot!!! Yummie!! Heck, love them all!! Squeak!!!!


  2. dran he look so mature and such a fine as handsome man here his age so difen looking and whenn i see this first first come to mind it was looking back in his LOR tour cut and in Man Uno too and i notice this is actually new he recenttly shooting frigh after his Asia tor a re complete… b=no matter what rain in he alway look so good and mean in wearhouse … so perfectional look and classic too he alway amaze and make goes awawawa or oohhhhhhhhh!! :P)
    i have to say they all my farviote pocket ekekek


  3. Also, it amazes me that even though Rain hair is short they are able to style it in so many different ways, I love his hair!!!


  4. These are SEXY as H*LL!!! I’m actually kinda speechless. *_*


  5. Man all of these pics are gorgeous!!!!! I have a hard time picking my favorite!!! I will say the first one definitely knocks me out, so damn gorgeous!!!! I also, am lovig the one in the all white suite, him jumping up in the air, the close ups!!! Heck all of them are just too darn gorgeous!!!!


  6. There’s no way to resist something like that. Most gorgeous man in the earth. Who wouldn’t want to be lucky enough to be with a man like him? Perfection in every way. Love ya ji-Hoon.


  7. Pic (#1)……………..*passes out* ….. All of them are beautiful, but (#1) makes Noona’s “nature” come to the fore! Can’t even lie about it…………………..(SMILES)


  8. I am with Cecilia. At first I was going today the dark suit makes him look yummy, but then again he is just so damn gorgeous you have to love them all.
    Thanks for sharing. ^_~


  9. I am with Cecilia. He is just so damn gorgeous you have to love them all.
    Thanks for sharing. ^_~


  10. Having a hard time deciding which is my favorite….I like them all. 🙂


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