5 Responses to “[fan account] Rain’s BEST 2011 concert stops across Asia, from a Cloud’s point of view.”

  1. Thanks huhuhuhu for your very detailed account of Bi’s concerts. I still “bristle” at the girl who called him fat. That’s alright Bi over here….You are Filet Mignon Baby!!

    Damn…..now I’m hungry…………..


  2. wow . you went to all concerts? that was so nice… Envy….. that you get to see him and close experience with him.


  3. @huhuhuhu
    Our prince was super, super, happy and sweet and lovely and cute…You could FEEL his happiness coming from inside. The peace of mind, the tenderness, the sweetness, the cuteness and the charisma …
    that is EXZACTKY the experssion and happinese and power of rain that i have see rain seen to very have such a good mood in full his concert from city to city he must know that he took his opportiune and confinces to share all hios fans who envirous of him mean for all his fan that why he planing all these concert we know our prince is alway the best and nothing can pull him down the king own his stage and the chirsmatic of very pull it off reser charming sweating heavy or even laughthing rain bring to excited gotta love rain…
    awawaw when he dated his girl friend, he carried her on his back! He was so wonderfully gentle.how sweet of that of rain rain know what a women wanted ahahahah oh boy mama safe my life here of that was all am say *DIE*
    lord i have a goosbund here now!! O_O
    i i hate that gril lucky enough to be picked as our prince’s “girl”, all you could say was that he was fat? i saw that vid i was want to took her out the door and kick her ass off i swaer that gril did derseved to be pict phewwwwwwwwwwww…. if i were by her i will say EXCUSE ….MEEEEEE…………. back off women u should not say that to rain r=u are lucky hell to be pict HELLO… !! 😦
    AMAMEN _I would have done exactly the same! And dear prince, we couldn’t care less if you were fat or not, we love you just the way you are!
    differenly right by you and i alway love my rain what ever his trun into SHOT!! that gril i want to kick her *ASS*
    sexy HIP_BODY _LOOK_MOVE_WALK_ all the above the meaan spell it all awawaw i ao AGREED 200% tooo HIGH 5 on that ekekek 🙂
    oh pict 4-5 gril to dance i saw that vid thoes gril are quite wilde u know what i mean i saw some of them very rolling awaaw if i were one of them i would more sexyer and deeper that very fun and for rain heck yeah i do my best but again of curse rain are a perfection i could bet the BOSS … ekekek 🙂
    .to wait for 2 years. It was the first time that our prince talked about the subject in front of us. I could see and feel his sincerity, his love and his gratitude and it broke my heart.
    I AM MOVE by his word too i would felt just how u are too *SNIF* 2 years will be miss our prince T_T
    _he wore the same swim shorts he had worn many, many times before. May be we should get him a new pair of swim suit as his birthday present!
    LMAO!! i agreed let give our prince some new freah i do wanted to see rain on dark color how about walk him threw the shopping ekekek Lol… i will be his assisstance.
    THIS WAS THE SWEET IES AND mermories of rain concert is so touch by his world and fans yet his Asia final concert tour too i know it hard to except the true but when rain back everything be back as reailty and more entertiment CONGURE! by KING OF K-POP Sensation iss BACK!!
    thank u for sharing to i can see i alway write a LONG comment coa ever word , speak and monent u spen with i felt like i am their with you too the excited and fun all with our prince… CONGRAT rain u have suceed this concert again… 🙂


  4. Thank you huhuhuhu, for a beautiful fan account.


  5. wow~ this is amazing! So, envy you.. ^^ thank for sharing with us! ^__~+


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