[post] We’ll put our money on Rain keeping his real signature. :)

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If I were a mega-entertainer and someone had approached ME for an autograph, and then had the audacity to insult the way I’d naturally written for ten years when I was interrupting my personal time to give it to her out of the goodness of my heart, my feelings would have been a little hurt and I would have printed out huge blocky letters like a First Grade student (I’m sure you can read this, huh, lady?) and handed it to her. With a smile. And then chuckled with disbelief after she left.

I’m in my third week as a beginning Hangul student, and this looks just like my and my classmates’ elementary school writing! LMAO! He’s just being funny and engaging us all in that fun. Changing his autograph to something like this would have his celebrity peers laughing at him nonstop.

Good one, JiHoon. ㅋㅋㅋ 😛


Soompi News 6/6/2011 — by Kyouria

World Star Rain Wants New Autograph

World Star Rain revealed a story of being embarrassed for his autograph at a restaurant.

On June 5th, Rain tweeted, “I went to eat a meal at a restaurant and gave an autograph when the restaurant owner asked. She asked me ‘Why are you scribbling?’ and told me to stop kidding around, requesting an autograph again.”

Rain posted two pictures asking, “For the first time in 10 years, I’d like to change my signature to be recognized at one glance—which one would be better?”

Netizens have responded “It is cute”, and even Huh Gak, the winner of Superstar K3, replied “Personally, I like Bi more.” What do you think better-fits Rain’s global status?

Source: Nate News

(original images source: 29rain @Twitter)

~ by Cloud USA on June 7, 2011.

18 Responses to “[post] We’ll put our money on Rain keeping his real signature. :)”

  1. This lady must be someone kind of ignorant or just plain rude. I think the first one is the one that aplies here cuz we know Rain is adorable with this kind of people cuz otherwise he wouldn’t be so amuse by it. I can imagine the poor lady and she probably wanted to brag about Rain with his clients so she asked him to write his name!! Lol!!! And he did!!! Lol!!! That’s why I love Baby Boo so much!!!


  2. i serious don’t rain SHOULD change his signature either over somebody insult him just coz see rain scrubbling comon now everbody fan ect dies hard just enough to get rain sing their signture here aarrgghhh???? and this ladies in restruant ask rain for and she got what her request and what she to rain insult his sig please………… i am sorry but i disagree of her if i was to be their i would bush her out… yes i think she very mean to rain i never jheard anybody such distracted over the what?????????? signature OMG!! that wrong and is is wrong i want her to applixe to rain what she say and insult him now it itching rain wanted to change his sing now normally peoples DON’T do that but rain so humble for his fan and took at serious too lord i don’t belive it.. he must keep his expression inside when that ladies say about the scrubbling and express it all out when he home or somthing i flet wrong and sad for rain i could belive this come across rain well think happen but this kind particular i am not liking it!
    this to funny to see yet i don’t think rain took as serious righ over 10 signature sing he just change over the ladries O_O


  3. Pobre mi amor que humilde que es!! No cualquier famoso haria caso a un fan y cambiaria la firma!! La verdad mientras mas conozco a Rain mas lo quiero. Saranghe oppa….


  4. Wow she should be thankful that she was even that lucky to get an autograph. Some celebrities wouldn’t even bother specially if they’re are having a meal at a restaurant. I can only imagine the numerous times that he has had to bite his tongue and just smile.


    • Amen Ceci! I tweeted him about the same sentiments. Why are ppl so ungrateful? Do asian celebrities always fall onto their laps over there? That lady was like the one who told him he was fat at the concert. I’m like “Huh?” When did it become OK to insult someone you dont really know to their face like that? Especially someone who doesnt have to give her the time of day if he so chooses.

      BTW. Did you ladies upgrade the blog or something. The reply part is all fancy now. I like it.


      • Gigi,

        It always amazes me too when anyone is rude to anybody, celebrity or not. There’s no excuse. I am hoping she was just teasing him–you know, trying to make the most of her moment with Rain? Then again, you never know. Some people are just plain rude. So.

        I’m thinking the fancy reply section is just a WordPress upgrade, but I’ll have to ask Stephe later. I actually like it too now that you mention it.

        Terri :-}


        • I read something about that on the WordPress blog page or something like that….that you can sign in using either Twitter of Facebook to give visitors control over what identity they use. I like it, gives people more options to comment.


  5. I just found it funny as hell. You know he was thinking wtf but smiling his public smile all the way. Ha! That woman did have some nerve though. If he hadn’t said anything she’d be stuck with some signature that noone would believe was his anyway.


    • EXACTLY!!…..That’s why I can’t stop laughing….(*Kekekeke*)….cause you Know in his mind he was like…”Are you kidding me??!!

      I would LOVE to hear what he really thinks sometimes, especially after he’s “knocked back” a couple of beers. (HA!) So Funny!


    • that is exactly what I was thinking Diva. The nerve of that owner. :-$ But Rain being the angelnthat he is just brushed it off…


      • Lol totally…
        @ Bialamode… I would so love to hear what he thinks. He seems to skew pretty smart ass/sarcastic so I’m sure I’d love his actual sense of humor, not just the side he shows to the public.


        • @Diva,

          Exactly!! smart ass/sarcastic….oh yeah. That’s why everytime I look at those two signatures, that’s what they “scream” and I just crack the hell up, cause it is EXACTLY what I would do….in regard to the moment…(HA!)


  6. (*Kekekekeke*)…….still chuckling!!…..If we knew this man truly, he would have us laughing our as__es off, he so damned funny….really funny!!

    The first grade big block letters…..(*dying laughing at my desk right now*). I have three words for you….BIG – CHIEF – TABLET!

    (*Kekekekeke*)……can’t stop laughing!!


  7. First of all I would have said, “TRICK do you know who I AM?” But you gotta love Ji-Hoon, he took it all in stride and he’s so damned funny!! Personally, I like “Bi” also………

    This is why I “love” Baby Love…..*still chuckling*


  8. ROFL is good to know that he has such a great sense of humor.


  9. GIRL I was just a little PISSED! to say the least.

    How dare she! People have so much nerve! I just can’t get over how rude people can be. Hell their are entertainers that don’t give autographs here, people should see the privilege of JiHoons kindness and stop taking it for weakness.

    I for one am glad hes got his head on straight and can take this all in stride. JiHoon MUAH!


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