[clip/Eng trans] Rain interviewed about his time in Dresden, Germany by…

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… SBS Good Morning on June 7.

110607 Rain interview_The Best Concert Asia Tour & Dresden Music Festival. (Source: DC, tudou / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.) 

Singer Rain held a joint concert with cellist ‘Jan Vogler’ in Germany’s Dresden.

Rain received an enthusiastic response from the local press and fans.

Rain : Hi, everyone. This is Rain. Nice to see you again.

Q : You’re about to hold a joint concert, how do you feel now?
Rain : I’m pleased to become the first Korean and pop artist to perform in Dresden.

Rain arriving in the Dresden Airport.

It was said that ‘Jan Vogler’, a world renowned cellist from Germany and executive director for the Dresden Music Festival, was the first to offer to hold a joint concert with Rain.

Q : The joint concert has ended in great success.
Rain : By definition, it was a meeting between pop and classic. I think the cello melody was well-suited to the atmosphere of the pop music. Well, please look at a clip from the concert.

Rain & Vogler at the Dresden Music Festival on 19 May.

Rain’s powerful dance performances such as ‘Rainism’, ‘It’s Raining’, and ‘Hip Song’ received much spotlight.

By being combined with classic, ‘Love Song’ and ‘The Way to Avoid the Sun’ were new and fresh translations of pop music.

Rain and Vogler showed off their perfect teamwork, performing together.

Q : How did you feel performing with Vogler ?
Rain : Vogler was very sensitive to my tune during the concert, so the concert seemed to end successfully.

The concert attracted the attention of the local public with its unusual subject matter that included the new form of concert, the splendid performances, etc.

His last song brought a big applause continuously.

Everyone clapped their hands for about 10 minutes even after the conclusion of the show.

Q : How do you like your concert?
Rain : I didn’t know that Europe love Korean culture so much, so I was also astonished to see that. Anyway, I feel great now.

Rain : Hope you are always healthy, and I’ll be back with my good result.

Rain who has elevated the status of South Korea in Germany.
We hope to see more of his work in the future.

~ by Cloud USA on June 7, 2011.

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