[article] Revisiting 2010: Once an MTV Movie Badass, always a Badass.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Remember what we were all doing, fans, a year ago to this very day?

After interminable weeks and months and Sundays of nominating Rain for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards Badass title, and voting nonstop to get him that Badass title after his nomination was finalized, and bombarding MTV to correct Rain’s bio and fix his broken Badass page link after Terri sounded the alarm, and preparing for his visit to L.A. (U.S. clouds flocked to California and joined fans already there), and congregating with our Cloud USA community members on Facebook, Twitter, the forum, and MTV.com all at the same time… we all gathered in front of our televisions as well and breathlessly waited to 1) finally catch a glimpse of Rain and 2) see if he would win.

When Jaden Smith actually announced “Rain!” at that podium… we damn near passed out. And the world damn near freaked out. MTV correspondent Adam Rosenberg, live-blogging on the MTV Movies Blog, shouted, “RAIN!! HOLY HELL YES!!!!… He kicked some incredible ass in Ninja Assassin!” Haha!

It was my birthday weekend, and all I had wanted was for Rain to win for “Raizo” because he and the character both so deserved it. We were all exhausted because for months and Sundays we had also been dealing with the TIME Magazine 100 influential voting AND covering Rain’s crazy Back To The Basic comeback performance schedule on four music shows all at the same time… and when he won 2010 Badass, it was like a shot of pure adrenalin straight into a vein. My heavens, but JiHoon was gorgeous as he strolled up there to get his MTV popcorn statuette. The women in the Gibson Amphitheater audience stared at him as if he were prime rib at a barbecue. It was about a minute and two seconds of sheer joy that I’m sure none of us will ever forget.

So now, it’s exactly one year later. I’ve no idea who was named this year’s Biggest Badass Star at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards tonight, but I wholeheartedly congratulate them on their win. I’ve been voting instead over on MTV K for Rain’s oh-so-golden abs, and am grateful for this slight reprieve from last year’s hardcore, brain-busting Badass voting (it was not as brutal as TIME, but brutal enough with everything else that was going on, y’all know it).

There will only be one true Biggest Badass for us, Rain fans. Ever. Am I right? As a matter of fact, I’d advise MTV to have future statuettes from all categories shined and polished because he will be taking more of them home. Trust. 🙂

» Have a nice, HUGE Hunk of Nostalgia: Revisit Rain’s 2010 MTV Badass odyssey over on our MTV Movie Awards 2010 project sub-page from last year. Watch him arrive at the Red Carpet. Watch him smack that perfect backside because he’s “been working out.” Haha! Enjoy this piece of MTV USA history that is exclusively his.

» Do you see him?

» The infamous Twitter Tracker.

» Popcorn, anyone?

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(from Adam Rosenberg’s live commentary on the MTV Movies Blog, 6/6/2010)

~ by Cloud USA on June 5, 2011.

18 Responses to “[article] Revisiting 2010: Once an MTV Movie Badass, always a Badass.”

  1. WOW! This must be my CloudUSA anniversary, cause I watched JiHoon win that on t.v. and was ELATED! But I also found you ladies that night Stephe (smiling) and I had questions and you were the only one that responded to me, via Email. THANK YOU!


  2. Oh yes I remember last year! Voting whenever possible for me, that was almost everyday from the day I found out that Rain was nominated! Oh and in front of the TV that day holding my breath as Jackie and Jayden announce the winner for biggest badass. When they announced Rain! I jumped and screamed and clapped so loud my son started laughing at my excitement. ^_^ But I was so happy and proud of Rain. And I thought we did it Cloud sisters!!

    So this year, they did not have that category.. ^_^ I’d like to think its because no one could follow Rain!! ^_^

    I can’t wait for him to come to the states and star in more movies!!


    • Unless I’m mistaken, they did have the category and the little girl from the movie “Kick Ass” won. That movie was about a young man becoming a vigilante super hero and a “band” of other kids joined him, her character was the “baddest” of the bunch, I believe.


      • Ah cool, I didn’t even want to watch the Movie Awards this year. I mean why bother Rain isn’t there…lol. Plus I had no power at my house yesterday because of the rain…how ironic. Also I was mad that I missed the finale of Americas Best Dance Crew, which incidentally the winners happen to be from Houston.


    • Jayden Smith was also in the category this year as well, believe or not.


  3. pure excitement…that’s what it was for me…..all through the processes of the voting, staying up to date with his new music etc.

    at one point shucks, i lost my own self established direction..gave up, and just moved with the flow…..and was i glad i did.

    that was one heck of a trip with JiHoon. one of the many treasured memories in my life. and then to top it all off, the man share a picture of the real Popcorn award after he receieved it from LA. thanks for re-living this one ladies.


  4. From the original SUPER BAD godfathher to Mr. Ji-Hoon BAD-A_S Jung……ENJOY!


    • @ BiAlamode, Sister I sent this to JiHoon from twitter about a month ago! hahahaha GREAT minds think a like! hahahahaha


    • BiAlamode, Hey sister I’ve started adding our cloud sisters to my FB page, if you’d rather stay private don’t use this name but your real one cause my family and friends are on their too as well as usa sisters. If not I understand that too,just let me know you can message me. Jules Thomas 🙂


      • Lotus,

        I would love to, just as soon as I can figure out how to keep my “Bi love” separate from E’erthing else, I DEFINITELY will. It will give me an excuse to finally put a picture up and make myself sound interesting (HA!). The only real activity on my page is Other People (and relatives) who are my FB friends (SMILES). But some church members are “friends” as well. But not everybody would understand my Rain “love” (Hubbie knows, Mama knows, Co-worker/friend knows….but that’s it). Church members can NOT find out about his Hickory Smoked Goodness….OH NO! (SMILES) (Part of me kinda doesn’t care….shameless…I know) SMILES

        The funny part about is my 63 year old Mom knows more about Facebook than I do! I’ll get some pointers from her this weekend and yes, I’ll be there. Thank you for thinking of me. Hey you and I have A LOT of the same tastes in music and also love the movie stars/singers of old (Lena, Ella etc.) I have a portrait of Dorothy Dandridge on a wall in my kitchen and Madame CJ Walker in my half bath. I adore her (Dorothy) and Miss Lena, since childhood. I guess I should save some of this info for FB, huh? (SMILES)


        • Hey BiA I understand the church real well hahaha just make a another account just for your cloud love that way theres no one to get into your Rain and our Cloud sistership, I have tons of stuff I keep adding more. Glad you visited you can still send me messages if you want , cause you know how we do girl hahaha Plus I post USA threads and I’ve seen some of them on here now making comments I Love it.. also my family and friend just except it .


  5. Yes that was some crazy stuff voting for Rain on the MTV page at all times possible. I have never, ever voted for anyone as hard as I did/do for Rain. While it was insane it was all worth in the end.


  6. oh yesh differenly MTV make some noise for rain and heck yes!1 i was ACTUALLY their on that day he WON the award i was their their,,,,!! we even so excited to hear one of those ladies talk about rain after they walk out the door telling us how much he happy he recived that Award and how mucch vloud voting for rain he deerseved all that coa he derseved… i am proud that his dream have come true and yet MTV finally have a kick of about him and starng digging about this guy much more ya… MTV i could be more appociated that and i know rain is happy enough to see it a good massive about bring it all on MRV we would love to hear from your voice >
    #stephe : “RAIN!! HOLY HELL!!! YES!!!… He kicked some incredible ass in Ninja Assassin!
    oh I LOVE EHAT U STATE here that righ rain is BAD ASS KICK and he sure did ekekek so i am ready for next move ahahah 🙂

    Biggest Badass for us, Rain fans. Ever. Am I right?
    that righ and only we know hoew much he felt btw himself and his clouds & fans be their for him and yet he got that derseved what he get right their the man keep us aSHINE ya.. and he continue to move his Advanture for his life. more SUCESS & award AFTER 2 YEARS coming back u will see .

    1 yes i see rain he the one sit in the chair the gril touch his back ahahah !!
    2 ekek BTTB
    full poplcron here
    all in their my gory rain come with excited his charming smile ligh carring on ekekek
    CONGRATULATION !! rain and u alway out bad ass kick for Ninja Asssasin the hero i said! 🙂


  7. Ah,

    Those were the days, Clouds, weren’t they? Me on the desktop computer in my den and Stephe on my mom’s laptop. Chatting on the forum with excited Clouds and tweeting on both the Cloud USA and my personal Twitter account until I’d gone over my status limit on both and had to quit. But seeing Rain’s Back to the Basic face pop up on MTV’s Twitter Trend Tracker was worth every single moment. Ha ha.

    Yes, those were the days…but I sure am GLAD they are done and we got a little break this year.

    In a few years though, watch out, MTV, cause Rain WILL be back if we have anything to do with it. Right, Clouds?

    Terri :-}


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