Recommended Rain viewing: Cloud USA staff video pick for 6/4.

Video: “Brothers & Me” (Kim TaeWoo, Rain, and JYP, off of TaeWoo’s latest album T-School.)

By: Jim, Cloud USA photograher and videographer

Jim’s POV: “First off, the song is great. It gets you right here.” *points to his heart and his gut* “Plus, the three of them aren’t just singing—they’re living the song and you can tell by looking at ’em. Big difference. AND “Brothers & Me” reminds me of my life growing up with Stephe and our baby bro, all these years. We laughed, cried, did everything practically together. Good or bad, happy, mad, even death hasn’t split that up. One is in spirit, but there’s still three of us.

So enjoy this, everybody!”

(Video courtesy of boazhann @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on June 4, 2011.

9 Responses to “Recommended Rain viewing: Cloud USA staff video pick for 6/4.”

  1. Thanks Jim for posting this video. I love this song and the video is so beautiful.


  2. I want to save this video on my phone because I play it so much on YouTube. Definitely a favorite. B-)


  3. I love this video and song just for what it stands for, Brother Love…Wonderful!


  4. i get touched whenever i see this video because i think of how taewoo said that despite not having money, bi and jyp lent their famous voices and faces to the song. money was not an issue for them. they did it completely out of love. such a beautiful brotherhood.


  5. Jin,
    thank you sharing this to us and i very love it when it first release it was ytruly make some noise of rain and the 3 buddy that have not been see each other for long and it was very dicated and ccontribute that they have come together and make this song Brother & Me differently fix the book. and i have to agree comraderie between them make me felt like me and my best firend was just seting and stand and sharing out though mindd excited fun ect… i felt like i have a very well warm heart besdide me and u can can see how much they are touching each other feeling weord and sentence of their singing along and have such a acomided together .. it put me to tear and beauitful when i see it this vid was very popluar see them 3 together and it alway bring me alot touch… 🙂


  6. Thank you Jim for posting this video. It’s very sweet to see them be so close and share that special bond.


  7. AS FOR ME THIS IS BEAUITFUL TOUCH 3 brither here and this song of them together never grow tried on me so beauitful and it still as alway oh rain how much it mean to this world keep the good job my love !!


  8. Jim,

    I love this video and I wore it out when it was first posted. I agree with your commentary as well, you can definitely see the TRUE comraderie between them (“eyes closed” on that body hug). There is a genuine affection despite their celebrity status that’s cool to see. Thanks for re-posting this video. I’m gonna listen another…well…lotta times…..(SMILES)


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