[tweet][article] Rain’s libelers indicted: What goes around, comes around, partner.

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God don’t like Ugly. *two finger-snaps in a Z* Internet newspaper “S”… as if we have no idea who that is, right? Y-e-a-h.

Far be it from us to enjoy anyone’s misfortune. But we are delighted to see JiHoon standing up for himself and burning folks who lie about him, » and the courts backing him up.

If the Man does indeed do something unscrupulous, then by all means go for it. » But no human being should ever try to destroy another human being’s life with a lie.

And you know this deeply affected Rain because he has never made a public statement, to our knowledge, that smacked of blatant retribution. All he has ever said, in those situations, is “If you wait, the truth will out.”

This is a good day indeed.

Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-} @Cloud USA 


Kuki News 5/31/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu. / source: 29rain @Twitpic]

Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office indicts ‘Lee’ and two reporters on charges of spreading false reports about Rain

South Korean authorities have indicted ‘Lee’ (55), a businessman who works on clothes, ‘Kim’ (35) and ‘Yu’ (39) who work as investigative reporters for internet newspaper ‘S’ and news agency ‘N’, respectively, on charges of spreading false reports about Rain.

In March of last year, ‘Lee’ filed a complaint against Rain claiming that Rain embezzled company funds, and he even released the related information to the two reporters to let the papers soon get hold of the story. So, Rain sued the three for libel over the remarks last October.

Before this, the court ruled Rain not guilty at the end of December last year.


Tweets abounded as Rain had this to say when he tweeted the Kuki News article:

“사필귀정 , 인과응보” 남에게 해를 끼치면 분명히 다시 돌아오게 되어있습니다

‘Justice will prevail’, ‘What goes around comes around’. If you do anything that would harm others, you will definitely earn punishment.

(source: 29rain @Twitter, 6/1/2011)

~ by Cloud USA on June 1, 2011.

11 Responses to “[tweet][article] Rain’s libelers indicted: What goes around, comes around, partner.”

  1. Jihoon is a good person and he dose good for people. And we fans know that oppa is not like that.


  2. hahahaha!!!…those idiots had it coming, and yes I for one I’m glad it happened to them, maybe the rest of the morons that think to do such a thing will think twice, BI is not where he is by doing dirty deals, every one should be on notice!!…sarang BI!!!


  3. SPEAK ON IT my Korean brotha! Absolutely, justice will prevail and that’s here on this side of the pearly gates. As the lead in to this post says, “God don’t like UGLY”…..Honey, THAT a__s whooping will hurt even more. Divine retribution indeed!

    Congrats Bi!!


  4. Yes, this is great news!! I am so happy Rain is defending himself! Rain or no one deserves to have lies spread about them.


  5. Congrats Rain. You did the right thing, justice prevails.


  6. @Lotus
    i agree i love it alot rain is know can speak for his own giefe about time he say somthing and very defend himself know what very the true out of his haert of the true is is not the one that person are just love the way he say
    Rain QOUTW:
    What goes around comes around’. If you do anything that would harm others, you will definitely earn punishment.
    i differntly stand by him coz i know in it was not his intetion near his plan it either that what they get for acuse rain ha ha ha !! i very proud of rain he sure know how stand fr his self selfdend way goe rain liking this ! 🙂


  7. i for one am glad rain’s being more vocal about these issues – first with the jun ji-hyun fake scandal, and now this. i remember him getting a lot of backlash about his world tour back in 2007 simply because people were ignorant of what really happened. this way, fans can support him with something concrete, plus it sends a strong message to those dufuses who are so desperate for a story that they’ll make stuff up. i know *i’d* hate to get on the wrong side of him! ^^


  8. Ooohhh buuurrrn!
    Tell it like it is, Bi! I hope they feel pabo now…


  9. I am very happy about this, I just hope JiHoon continues to defend himself. BIG UPS JIHOON!!!


  10. yes it a great news..


  11. This is great news. Rain didn’t and doesn’t deserve people dragging his name through the mud. Good for you Rain!


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