[post] Rain to become a free agent before military service begins.

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VERY nicely done, Terri. All kinds of strange little snippets have been floating around about this subject yesterday and today. I was hoping someone would get a bit more detailed, and of course, we can always depend on you, chingu. 🙂


HelloKPop 6/2/2011 — by TerriKR, HelloKPop Chief Editor

Rain to Become Free Agent Before Military Service Begins

On May 31, a representative from Rain’s camp reported that “Rain’s contract with JYP Entertainment” would end in October. According to all of the news reports floating around, Rain doesn’t appear to have yet made plans to renew his contract with JYPE. On the other hand, he hasn’t said he wouldn’t either. The point may be moot anyway, as he is set to start his military service by the end of 2011.

JYP Entertainment became Rain’s talent management agency by default, way back in February, when J. Tune Entertainment, Rain’s former agency, merged with JYP Entertainment. As no new contract was signed at that time, Rain’s old contract with J. Tune Entertainment remained in force. Thus, when his contract expires at the end of October, Rain will effectively become a free agent.

What that means for Rain no one knows. It may be that he will choose not to sign with anyone else until after his military service is complete. After all, he will be gone for almost two years. Then again, he may decide to go ahead and bite the bullet and sign up with another agency who will keep the irons in the fire and hot for him while he is gone. Either way, we don’t think Rain will have any problems finding work when he returns, do you?

Rain recently wowed a sold-out house at the Semperopera venue in Dresden, Germany, when he performed a joint mini-concert with world renowned prodigy cellist Jan Vogler, during the Dresden Music Festival. He is currently busy shooting the feature film, Flight: Close to the Sun and working on a new album, which was previously set to be released in April, but was postponed for reasons unknown. Rain fans are hopeful that the album will drop before his military service begins. Time will tell.

Sources: News ~ Star News via Nate, Hancinema, Dresden Music Festival, Kuki News; Pics ~ MCM/Lotte/ Taiwan & Hong Kong AppleDaily & Phoenix @ Rain Germany

~ by Cloud USA on June 1, 2011.

12 Responses to “[post] Rain to become a free agent before military service begins.”

  1. Rain will have no problem getting back on track after military duty. He needs the rest and he can improve more on his english because I read a lot of nasty comments about his english. I personally think hes doing very well speaking plus he sounds more sexy speaking korean. I guess I better learn korean. Love you always Rain


  2. LOL.

    Okay, some of ya’ll go over to hellokpop and comment on Rain’s post over there. Nobody ever comments on any Rain stuff. We need to blow that place up, by golly.


    Terri :-}


  3. Jihoon is good at what he dose and when he is out of the Army Jihoon will do more and better things.


  4. I think Rain is gonna take his sweet time to choose another company to represent him; after all he went thru with J. Tune he is gonna be careful with all those little printed words in his contract. He is a lot bigger now; with lots of awards and good works in his career so he should choose a big company where he can move around freely from acting to music. Sony maybe? Or maybe, he can keep working with hyungs who know him well and make a company together. With Baby Boo you never know what brilliant idea is gonna pop from his mind. LOL!! But I am sure he is gonna choose whatever is best for his future.


  5. Thanks for clearing that up Terri… Other sites tried so hard to make their news days with sensationalistic titles and misleading wording. As usual, u guys make sense and clear up rumors. 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  7. oh…rain i will support u where ever u are…oppa…hope u always happy and smile in your life….(^_^) smile alwas…!!


  8. no i don’t rhink their will be any problem as matter fact he mutil talent he can found and fit any partcular agancy or company he wanted he full image and we all that what is that need me to say more i true rain and i know that rain got good quaitly and abiltly to work plus his humble and hardworking ever mananger hier for LDF Nature, CF CM Actor ect.. what could rain do??? so the guy are having everything he have alot to acomplishment and sucess and he well grow and filed and big too i am assure for sure GOOD LUCK!


  9. that ehy i comment on memo yesterday that i let rain dieced what his best chooes and what ever took him to his next LEVEL after his MS i well alway supporting rain coz i am pretty sure rain experince have givre him alot lesson and learn alot so what ever he do i alway with his spirit and that was any issue with me coz i belive in rain doing and what bring him more furtune and sucess to his business and gold been gone to 2 year will be a bit of crying river on the last day of curse but i know rain work for his counry and
    served his abiltly and also he can congure his working by this traning too so.. i belive rain will come back with a hole new rain and hoter as fire… and from 2011 for 2 years gone i am took a deep breath but we all have to face it and we know rain wanted to this for his own good too anway cloud & fan will alway and also he will be alot cleaner and smart coming wait and see belong to rain .. 🙂


  10. The pleases me to no end…I’m not even guessing to what he’ll do. I just hope he makes the best choice….YEAH BOO!!!!

    (just had to get that out) hahahahahaha


  11. Nope! No problems at all when he gets out from his military duties. Movie and TV companies would jump on acquiring Rain even now, seeing he is a hot item now, and even more so as soon as he’s out. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I can almost feel the excitement of the fans and media as soon as he’s back in circulation. No one in Korea will ever forget Rain. He is an icon already, a household name. Rainism was born 2008, and it’s still fresh in their memory in 2011. I think Rain will reign forever. Two years will come and go, but Rain will remain the same.


  12. I would be jumping at the chance to represent Rain if I was an agent. He’s so talented and can do soooo many things. He will have no troubles after he gets out of military service.


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