[post] MBLAQ check #2: The Boys “lie to us.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Go, Boys! Keep racking ’em up! 😀


HelloKPop 6/1/2011 — by Kimberly

MBLAQ releases track from “Lie To Me” OST

Yesterday, I Belong To You, an MBLAQ track from the soundtrack of upcoming SBS drama Lie To Me, was uploaded in droves to Youtube. Within hours, netizens expressed their opinions by commenting on the videos, and fortunately, many were comments of support and interest. Although the track’s style was evidently different from MBLAQ’s usual suave concept, fans were still delighted to listen to something new.

this sounds so good!! TuT
and thunder’s vocals wow!! he has improved a lot!! *¬*
proud to be A+!!

Lie to me and MBLAQ?! Man this just made my day 🙂
This is gonna be an awesome drama!!

awesome-ness!!!!!!!!! this should have a dance and a mv..it would be a hit!..nice drama and song..YAY..=)

Fans are now anticipating Lie To Me even more because MBLAQ contributed to it. Do you think that MBLAQ’s soundtrack participation made a big impact on the drama? Check out the song below!

~ by Cloud USA on June 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “[post] MBLAQ check #2: The Boys “lie to us.””

  1. Like it a lot!! Great beat, great music and I am sure lyrics are awesome too. Great job boys!! 😀


  2. I liked the drama before that because I didn’t know. The drama it’s self is good.


  3. Exelente ritmo!! Me dan ganas de bailar 🙂


  4. oh this is very nice yeah their is vocal on this the song Ohohoo i am love it wowo Mblaq boy u are growing and so talen u know i belive u will recived alot love from Asia HURRY another _Phone for Mblaq eekekek nice am listing again !! 🙂


  5. I LOVE IT!! Great beat and vocals are on it! 😀


  6. Thank you Stephe! love the drama! can’t wait for the next cap 🙂 and the track es perfect… love it!!


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