9 Responses to “[fan account] Wow! I felt like I was on top of the world.”

  1. Gawd he looks so handsome just standing there!!! Lol!!! What a lucky day to see Rain choosing his food next to you!! Amazing!!!


  2. Que suerte!! la verdad que desde el Sur del mundo envidio a la gente de Asia que tiene acceso a ver a las super estrellas….algún día sera posible verlos aquí en Sudamérica???? 😦




  4. Look @ this guy tryin to act like normal man, aha cute, but a guy has to eat. That fan was sure in the right place at the rite time.


    • But he is normal, it’s his job that’s Not normal……..

      I love the rare moments like these, when we get to see him going about like the “average joe”…………..


  5. I would have felt full even on an empty stomach if I saw Rain in a restaurant like this. Some guys have all the luck ! ! !


  6. *SIGH* i am thinjking i will move to korean and start hun this hunk down rihg naaaaaaaaaaaa ekekekek dran i would be so very in a excited mood perhaphe migh not focus on my food instead i will looking at rain eating ekekek and i will stare at him too who what very happen when come to u in personal righ??? dran rain been seem all over is that normal i bet ist is.. to other more excited and same to me ahahhaha that was my wish to happen one these day run over rain in the restruant too .


  7. *sighs* it’s times like this i seriously wished i lived in korea. cheap rent, fastest internet speeds in the world AND the chance of running into rain – what’s not to like? also, boy looks GOOD ^^


  8. So cool to go to a restaurant and Rain just happens to be there. 🙂


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