[ETA Japan Cloud][ETA fan made] Wallpaper! Get your Rain calendar wallpaper for June!

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Wow, see how easy it is to put the correct dates on a Rain calendar? Unpaid fans do it without a problem. The Japanese Cloud did it without a problem and they’ve had an earthquake and a tsunami. I mean… what else is there to be said, folks? O__o

Edited to Add 6/6: Japanese Cloud (J.Tune Camp Rain Japan Official site). Source: Sammi @Cloud Taiwan.

Edited to Add 6/4: By fan Huang Ying, on memo-rain. Source site: rain-cloud.

Edited to Add 6/4: From the rainstorm blogsite in Osaka, Japan.


Dear Lotte Duty Free:

That’s a major bee in your bonnet you got there.

Yes, after being on “May calendar hiatus” or whatever it was, both Rain and Big Bang are back in your Star Calendar wallpaper this month, along with all the new folks that came on board last month. And yes, Rain’s pictures are fresh and quite purrrrrdy. I actually thought that maybe you were turning over a new leaf as far as Rain was concerned. You almost had me.

Until I noticed that Rain’s June wallpaper has 31 days.

Just a simple mistake, right? So then… why do the other nine stars all have 30, the correct amount of days for June? ALL of them? Except for him? Seriously?

*laughing hysterically*

You’re so transparent. Whatever.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org


(1100 x 688) Cloud USA for June in color-scale and gray-scale.


(1024 x 768) Lotte Duty Free for June on their Korea site (English) and in Japan. Additional sizes are also available at those links. This is being posted for you fans who simply love Lotte stuff unconditionally. Me? I have a million hot pictures of Rain, so I don’t need a calendar that’s wrong. LOL!

~ by Cloud USA on June 1, 2011.

25 Responses to “[ETA Japan Cloud][ETA fan made] Wallpaper! Get your Rain calendar wallpaper for June!”

  1. Wow, see how easy it is to put the correct dates on a Rain calendar? Unpaid fans do it without a problem. The Japanese Cloud did it without a problem and they’ve had an earthquake AND a tsunami. I mean… what else is there to be said, folks? O__o


    Stephe ^@@^


    • I came on to get caught up and saw these, I was like WTH didn’t see before when I posted. hahahahaha But JiHoon hast to love his CLOUDS cause they/ we will always HAVE HIS BACK!!


    • And their BEAUTIFULLY DONE!


  2. wowowo goota love the frist 2 pict of rain June calendar their awawaw gotta add my blog thank sharing 🙂
    the man in blue suit killing me here so hot for a look uuuhhhhhhhhhhh and sext Jiwoo laying on the bed make me itching here now!!! awaww :P)


  3. I like all of the pictures.


  4. Hahahahaha please forgive the typos. I need to start reading before I send stuff out. Sshhh…


  5. @Diva I know sister, Rain is more internationally know, its almost like someone what’s to black ball him. But I don’t even what to go there! I’m thinking its just because he’s so famous. As long as he keeps suing their @sses hopefully it stops. He needs to keep sending that message. (mess with me I’ll mess with you!).


  6. aaaaaaa que mes hermoso jaajajaj!!!! Dios agradezco esta creación tuya, es para el disfrute de los ojos, 😛


  7. I’m sorry to go on and on and be so rigid, but this just flies all over me. If any other celeb had had even ONE calendar slip-up in the past year, it wouldn’t so much. It really wouldn’t.

    How anyone can proof a page of calendars that they know have the SAME information but not notice that they don’t is beyond me.

    When Rain isn’t treated properly, doesn’t matter where, I just don’t do well. *sigh*



    • I totally get it. I’ve been paying attention every time u mentioned the mistakes coz, as u know, I’m not a fan of the Lotte ads, and it’s been mentioned quite a few times. I know it sounds crazy but why do I feel like there’s some sort of small conspiracy against Rain? Is it just me??


      • Diva,

        No. It isn’t just you.

        Terri :-}


      • I get that there seems to be a small conspiracy against Bi with these stupid mistakes, but what would be the reason why?……..I’m truly asking.

        If they want him to get pissed enough to leave the company, why not just let his contract run out and don’t re-sign him? Tell him they no longer need his services. Is it simple jealousy that he is garnering more and more worldwide attention? I have to agree regarding the mistakes/typos, etc. If it was just random, then the other celebs would have mistakes on theirs ads/calendars too from time to time.


        • Truly your not the only one.


          • It’s not only the mistakes/typos/ etc. It’s a general sense from the random things I’ve seen go on this past almost-year (my Rain-iversary is coming up!) There’s been so many random allegations thrown at him that I don’t see others in the business getting hit with. Also the way some publications talk about him. He’s had to sue how many people this year? I’m sure other idols and stars have some of these sorts of things going on in the background but it’s never the background for Rain. Everything is always front and center like “BOOYAH here’s some more dirt for ya!”

            Just my random thoughts…


        • Well Diva,

          Then in my Humble opinion it goes back to good old fashioned “Haterade.” Successful people will always bring out those who like to drink it in BIG GULPS. You ever notice that the more people “hate on” a successful person, the MORE successful that person becomes. It’s because that person’s destiny is so ordered by The Divine (my opinion) and all the hate/negativity/naysaying can’t stop what the Divine One has pre-destined to happen in that person’s life. NO, this Is Not a bible lesson, it’s just what I Believe.

          Also, tremendous success put up alongside anything else makes that “anything else” scream Lazy A__s (I include myself in that equation, only the lazy part….SMILES). But really, it shows where those who are gulping down that Haterade have Serious Lack in their own lives. This lack makes it IMPOSSIBLE to root for anyone else who has success, especially someone with Overwhelming success like Bi and others like him. It shows, quite possibly, that laziness, Perhaps, has the haterade drinkers where They Are in life, as opposed to sipping champagne right alongside the Bi’s of the world instead. Hmmm, here’s a thought…..maybe if you practice dancing for all hours of the day and night, choreograph your own shows, groom new talent, write your own music, film movies and TV dramas, do concert tours, do numerous interviews back to back for hours on end for several days a week, have fan meetings, smile for the camera every time a flash goes off, never see your real family for months on end YOU TOO can be a tremendous success! That’s ALL it takes…..just a little “elbow grease”……and they just thought Bi was standing there looking pretty.


  8. If they were screwing up everybody’s wallpaper, that would be one thing. It’s only HIS that ever has mistakes on it.

    His August 2010 wallpaper said JULY 2010 instead. No one else’s did. The backgrounds and dates were updated from the original July stuff, which means that an August calendar was made and JULY put on it.

    His December 2010 wallpaper had 30 days instead of 31. No one else’s did. They corrected it but clicking on the corrected stuff did nothing. It wouldn’t download.

    He had no May 2011 wallpaper. Though they have a MILLION pictures of him.

    His June 2011 wallpaper has 31 days instead of 30. No one else’s does.

    For the past 12 months, for every three Rain calendars, one has been either wrong or nonexistent. If fans all over the world can casually throw together Rain calendars with the correct information on them, but your people can’t seem to even though they’re being PAID to do it, and obviously don’t check behind themselves to see if it’s even right, and Rain’s is the only wallpaper that’s ever wrong, WTH is up with that?

    I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not. What is abundantly clear, however, is that somebody couldn’t care less about his stuff (that’s what I meant by transparent). Granted, it’s just celeb wallpaper, not something that the fate of the world hinges on, but you’re a huge professional corporation and your stuff should be on point because it is a reflection of you.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Ladies,

      All I have to say is whether the mistakes are intentional or not, there have been so many of them that it’s incredible.

      At first it was silly. And then it was ridiculous. Now, we are simply no longer amused.

      Terri :-}


  9. I suspect something coz haven’t they make mistakes on many of his calendars? How hard is it to know how many days there are in a month?


  10. Geez, 31 days?! Come on now…


  11. Well you know everybody is a year old the minute they “pop” out of the womb, maybe that’s what they do their calendars “add” extra days. I don’t know what the hell they do when it’s leap year. (*Just Saying*)

    Seriously, do you think this company hates him that much they try to “eff” up his adds all the time. Just let his contract go……


  12. Love Rain pictures used. But why do they keep making mistakes on his calendars? Stephe why do you say they are so transparent? Do you think they make mistakes on purpose?


  13. WTH?


  14. Smh. Seriously.


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