[article] MBLAQ check: G.O spreads his wings, but don’t panic–he’s not leaving his brothers.

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Congratulations, ByungHee! We always knew that you were talented and capable enough to make a solo flight out of the nest. But make no mistake… we’re also glad you’re sticking around, because we love you Boys to death.

A third MBLAQ single album is coming? How exciting!


10Asia 6/1/2011 — Reporter: Heidi Kim / Editor: Jessica Kim

MBLAQ’s G.O. to release solo digital single this month

Boy band MBLAQ’s member G.O. is set to release a solo single this month, making it the first project the singer will take on alone.

An official at J. Tune Camp told 10Asia over the phone today that G.O., the main vocalist of MBLAQ, will release his first solo single in digital format.

The single will be composed of a single track — an R&B ballad tune both written and composed by the singer himself.

The official added, however, that no plans have been made for G.O. to promote the song through means such as televised shows or events.

G.O., 23, originally debuted through group TYKEYS in 2007 but two years later, he joined MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) composed of other members Seung-ho, Lee Joon, Chun-dung and Mir which debuted in 2009 with their single album “JUST BLAQ.”

His group then released their second single “Y” in May 2009, their first full-length album “BLAQ Style” in January this year and its 3D edition a month later.

The group, then advanced into Japan and saw their Japanese debut single “Your Luv” released in early May, place No. 2 on the country’s prestigious Oricon weekly chart after selling over 40,000 copies of their debut album which made them the first Asian artist to achieve the feat in just a week into their official debut.

The boys, having returned to Korea recently, are now working on their third single album.

Reporter: Heidi Kim heidikim@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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5 Responses to “[article] MBLAQ check: G.O spreads his wings, but don’t panic–he’s not leaving his brothers.”

  1. Congratulations G.O!!! I love your voice and I am sure you are ready to do this solo!! Oh, man, Rain is such a great mentor cuz he let G.O. do his thing and give him freedom to work. That’s great!! I can’t wait to hear it!!


  2. That’s good G.O. keep up the great work and u will go far.


  3. I love G.O. voice so much!!! I know it will be a hit!


  4. I was JUST talking about this!! I know it will be a HIT!! Mind you hes not Rain but nor is he suppose to be,but I do love his voice.


  5. Yay for G.O!


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