[post] Rain & Jan Vogler – ‘East-Meets-West’.

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Well, those MCM sneakers and Jan’s cello case were “the stuff.” Plain and simple! I’m pretty sure that years from now, this collaboration will still be one of my absolute favorite projects from Rain. I’m so glad that he took part in it, and I have a newfound respect for Jan as well. 🙂


(Image courtesy of MCM Worldwide)

MCM Worldwide Blog 5/31/2011 —

Rain & Jan Vogler – ‘East-Meets-West’

The festival’s motto this year is “East Meets West.” This theme was optimally met during the evening hosted by MCM. The well-known cellist and artistic director Jan Vogler began the evening by playing Bach. Afterwards the sold-out Semper Opera morphed into a stadium: when Rain appeared on stage, the venerable opera house rocked with the pop sounds of the Korean star and reverberated with the screams of his fans, who had journeyed to Dresden from the four corners of the world to experience their idol live on stage.

Rain is Asia’s best-known star and has won first place in Time Magazine’s “People to Watch” list on several occasions. Taking the opera house by storm in his German debut, Rain impressively demonstrated his talents. A video installation introduced his act by showing the interplay between him and Vogler with footage of their first meeting. This was followed by collaborative pieces featuring Rain and Vogler in a dynamic stage show that united the best of the Orient and the Occident.

Additional attention was attracted by the MCM cello case which was made expressly for Jan Vogler and the MCM sneakers which Rain and his background dancers wore during their performance.

MCM at the Dresden Music Festival – Rain & Jan Vogler Perform a Duet Themed ‘East-Meets-West’. (Credit: MCMWorldwide @YT)

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One Response to “[post] Rain & Jan Vogler – ‘East-Meets-West’.”

  1. It would have been cool to see 2 great proferms on stage


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