8 Responses to “[fan account] I realized that my neighbor was stomping his feet — which was a sign for an encore.”

  1. It is nice to concert have a great outcome. LOL!


  2. oh gosh this very swewet ecounter and very bought me touch and rearing here their is such a boy man supporting rain CD and happily reciv4ed good notice from our rain and yet rain have SUCESS his perfrom in German too ahahah touch my heart 🙂
    knowing their alot fan their for rain and go to see him that very an honor for him their and thoes fan too i could forgive what have they did for rain i am sure rain is peoud all enough with his supporting and show all the love to him the audiance shout his name and yelling and excited with his HOT perfrom that can speak the word out for him that he is got love by many country wilde and fans base too.
    i flet like i am righ by you hulululu u alway bring the best and memories acount to share us about our prince.

    His English was very good, but when he was slightly unsure or shy he gave such innocent and sweet smile. I believed this was one of the reasons why all the audience, old and young, fans and non fans, all fell under his charm.
    THAT IS SO TRUE !!! yup!1 once smile lift u up and blown u away ahahahah i am and i know same to everbody ekekek 🙂

    “How to Avoid the Sun” and “Love Song”. It was a truly beautiful scene when Jan Vogler was playing his cello and our prince glided to his side gracefully and sang passionately in his rich vocal. They looked at and smiled to each other – full of accord, harmony and friendship.
    thest TOCH me alot when i watch fancam and it is so BEAUITFUL… u never forget the 2 have give such amazing collboration of their concert.
    i am so proud to hear man and young age and middle age was so inspire by his perfrom for does have no idea who he and yet suprise by his age and perfrom and yes hulululu we will wait for rain come back from hi MS again !!
    this was very touchable ecounter i ever feed *SNIF* 😥
    oh rain i bet this touch u alot too


  3. and i see you, H ^^
    this is a great fanacc, love reading it.
    thank you for sharing ^^


  4. Such a great fan account, thanks so much for sharing.


  5. OMG…such a lovely fan account. imma proud cloud. so proud of oppa.


  6. Huhuhuhu, that was a lovely account. It was as much fun for me as it was for you. I had goosebumps while reading your account. As usual whenever you tell us your first hand experience, it’s as if I was there with you. Thanks so much. I feel so proud of Rain and feel honored that I’m one of his fans too.


  7. See now, this account almost brought a tear to my eye at the end. He made so many new fans that day and I’m so happy for him. Thanks for sharing!


  8. “” RAIN always brought rain when he held a concert. It was a good omen and the night would promise to be a huge success.””

    So True. Great Answer.
    Wishing I was there.
    Thank you for sharing.


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