MTV Style speaks: Hot Dude of the Day Rain travels in MCM Style.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^ 12:29 pm EST

Oh, did we have a great time reading this, this morning—MTV Style’s imaginary trip with Rain around the world as he sports luxury endorser MCM’s distinctive leather fashions hither and yon. Haha, so much fun! Thanks for making our day, MTV USA, and for showcasing Rain so very well. MCM—as well as Rain’s other endorsers—knew what they were doing when they snatched him up as spokesmodel a year ago, don’t you think? He and their style go together like… well, like ham and cheese. Like finely sliced pastrami and Grey Poupon.

(And thanks so much for linking us in. Thumbs up.)

» FYI: The link to DRAFTWORKS/SixToFive/J.Tune Creative has been changed since last summer and is HERE.

Head on over to the most style-savvy blog in town, Clouds and Rain fans, and give them and Rain your support!



MTV Style Blog 5/30/2011 — by Chrissy Mahlmeister / Photos: courtesy of Taiwan & Hong Kong AppleDaily

Hot Dude Of The Day: Rain Travels Around The World With Dapper MCM Accessories

So Rain is basically a pop singer GOD in Korea (and in our office, too). He’s kiiiinndd of like our Justin Timberlake. He sings, he dances, he acts, he even cares about FASHUN just like JT (his clothing line is called Six to Five. Obvi you can’t read anything on the site unless you know Korean, but STILL.) So we’re WELL AWARE of his hotness and his, um, ability to seduce us.

Luckily, Rain’s fans (who call themselves Clouds! AWWWW.) posted his latest campaign with German accessories house MCM, which OOZES of luxury travel. We can just imagine him rocking all of the next looks in different cities around the globe.

In his first ensemble, he’s totally Manhattan-ready with huge TRUNKS full of outfits for his weeklong stay in a Soho hotel. (What? The guy needs OPTIONS.) His studded leather vest makes him downtown cool, but it’s not too heavy for his summery long-sleeved white tee and cuffed khakis outfit. He finished his look with some comfy burgundy sneakers, which is perfect because, um, hello, you walk EVERYWHERE in NYC, and he’s being totally practical AND cute. The only bling is his amazing platinum watch and the sheen from his perfectly combed hair. With a vest that intricate, it’s best to keep it simple!

Next, Rain is off to Brazil in his smooth buttery-beige leather jacket, white tee, khakis, and printed high-top sneakers. This outfit screams South American adventure. He could go from off-roading in Jeep through the uncharted mountainous terrain and then directly to the poshest nightclub in the city and never bat an EYE at the possibility of switching up his outfit. We’re in to the all-around accessibility of this ensemble. Oh, and Rain’s all-around hotness.

Rounding up his tour around the globe, he lands in Italy. Of course this means he has to bust out ALL the high-end shiz he’s been holding back in these other cities. He’s got literally every type of luggage in existence (even including a leather DOG, apparently) and arrives ONLY in a black three-piece suit with a mauve tie and matching pocket square. In fact, he’s so EXHAUSTED from carrying all of his designer clothes into the hotel lobby, he takes a breather among all of his luggage (because he refused to sit on their nappy non-designer couch, obvi) before he heads up to his penthouse. Even though he’s sweating, no one can tell and his hair still looks flawless.

» You can read the original post on the MTV Style blog HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on May 30, 2011.

10 Responses to “MTV Style speaks: Hot Dude of the Day Rain travels in MCM Style.”

  1. Hello! It’s Korean Class MASSIVE here 😀 How are you guys? Just wanted to let you guys know that we borrowed your pic of Rain in all his MCM glory 😛 In London we currently have a MCM bus tour going round and we couldn’t write about it without mentioning Rain!


    • Hi there! 😀 Good to hear from you! We’re fine, thanks, about to overdose on the Olympics though, trying to keep up with the USA and South Korea, heh heh. How are you guys doing?

      Glad you found the Rain pic you needed; please feel free to borrow if you ever need images or information. Wow, if we were in London, we’d be hopping on that MCM tour bus with a quickness. Sooo cool. And thanks for giving Rain some props in your article! The man is ridiculously handsome, particularly when decked out in MCM stuff.

      Take care and enjoy the rest of your week, okay?

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. Love the article and everyting in it. Rain looks spectacular in those oufits. Yummie!!!


  3. Yes this was so fun to read, really enjoyed it!! I am so happy that MTV loves Rain and shows him so much love!!!


  4. Rofl! This was such a fun read indeed! Aww, we love you MTV for loving Rain!


    THIS VERU AWESOME TO POSTIVE and such a GOOD INDEELY massive of rain ya…. MTV i have to shre keep it coming u will love this man and would miss a pieces of him right i bet ya…. he out KING OF THE WORLD WHAT ELSE HE COULD DO ?????????
    the man got PERFECT in everything sexy hot handsome yet his one HECK true MODLEIST!! i called a DEFINE ART FROUM about that !! ekekekek 🙂 KISSSSSSSSSSS!!!


  6. Oh I love this! MTV sure does love them some Rain. Who can blame them, really?


  7. Wow!!!!
    Only a matter of time before he conquers the world, *muhahahahahaha*
    Sorry ’bout that


  8. Wow he’s AWESOME!!! MTV loves rain maybe!


  9. Headed over to MTV right now, awesome to see him here again.


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