[fan cams] Revisiting Rain’s Best in Singapore

~ Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Thanks to BabyRain625, who shared these lovely fancams with us on Twitter, we get to go back to Singapore’s Best one more time.

For your viewing pleasure, Clouds.

Terri :-}

End of Not a Single Day/Harudo and One.  (Credit: BabyRain625 @YT)

End of With U, connecting with fans, and the opening of funky dance break…aw.  (Credit: BabyRain625 @YT)

Dressers dressing Rain (how many of you would love to have that job, huh? :-}), The Infamous Rejection (Ouch! :-}) and the best My Girl “sweetheart” I’ve ever seen. Just precious.  (Credit: BabyRain625 @YT)

A smoking hot You. (Credit: BabyRain625 @YT)


~ by Cloud USA on May 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “[fan cams] Revisiting Rain’s Best in Singapore”

  1. OMG!!! I soo wanted to be there!! Rain is amazing and each performance is different. Love My girl and when he started to sing it I melted over my chair. Gawd I love his voice!!


  2. wowowo very NICE fancam too
    OMG!! O_O Eye drop to the floor on _YOU!! :P)
    my i love his sexyness perfrom on that YOU!! could not breath heRE LORD!!dang i can tell rain very want to get cloes to all his fan around the seated he make sure they are get his view that what i love about him he does not still on place period the more he give all hos power to his perfrom the more it make me bcame his fan much more .
    drang how i can see he look of his pant in the Changing Room from beging and yet show the pant part @_@ would better ekekek oh well that still EYECANDY!! :p)
    IT WAS RHAR ENERNIC of his perfrom go rain u are the best.


  3. Such a cute and lovely performance of “My Girl”. ♥


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