Blast from the Past #67: Those Were the Days…

~ Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Well, whaddaya know?

While I was compiling our “Tweets Abound” post this morning, I stumbled across this little jewel—one of the first photos taken of Rain with fans during his debut days.

The photo was tweeted to Rain by @jskswh (a.k.a. Sunny~), and I just happened to catch it because it was posted under his apology tweet to Macau’s Best concert goers.  Sunny had this to say about the pic:

@29rain 혹시 기억나시나요??? 예전 첫 공중파 데뷔무대 후 찍은 팬들과의 사진~ 여기엔 저도있는데…..벌써 10년 전… 아직 사진이 저에게 있길래~ 기억하시는지 하고…. 기억나시면 답해주세요~~~
Okay, now. This is an extremely loose English translation by me and the ever-terrible Google Translate (If anyone can provide a more precise translation, please share!):
@29Rain Do you remember?? After your debut, before the first broadcast, photos were taken with fans ~ here….. Already 10 years ago … If you remember me ~ I saw still pictures and …. Please answer if you remember ~ ~ ~
Sunny, I do hope you don’t mind me sharing this precious photo with Rain’s U.S. Clouds.   Most of us weren’t Rain’s fans way back then. So, it’s always such a thrill when we discover treasures like this.  It would be great to know who took the photo and under what circumstances.  If anyone out there knows, please send us a message.
Wow.  What a rare treat!
Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on May 29, 2011.

6 Responses to “Blast from the Past #67: Those Were the Days…”

  1. Wow that pic is from way back, what a special memento to have of Rain.


  2. this very one nice touching of rain and his fan shooting together id this ever happen to me i differnt head up to Seoul for him and do what get to be part of that photo and yup @ melanie i am in too count me also 🙂


  3. So happy to see this kind of picture. I heard that he can be very generous with with fans jusdging by what happened in Dresden I am even more keen to be in Seoul when he si released from army duties in a few years time…anyone else want to join me…we could have a CloudUSA welcome party for him.


  4. How nice to be reminded of this. I know Rain would be happy to see this picture because I’m sure he doesn’t have a copy of this. haha!


  5. So cool! Thanks for sharing.


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