[Cloud USA] From Stephe’s desk…

ROFLMAO! *tickled silly*

What do Rain and I have in common now? *insert Final Jeopardy theme song here*

*checking my watch*

The answer is… We’ve both been featured on the MTV Style blog.

Now, of course, Rain has had huge feature posts and stuff, and my 15-seconds of somewhat-fame is only a comment, but it is the “featured” comment in their blog sidebar (to your right), so that counts, right?

I just wish I’d said something a little more intelligible than *hurk*.  LOL! (couldn’t help it, that jewelry made out of real cat hairballs made my lunch move… I mean really…)

Just thought I’d give you all a giggle, and thank MTV’s random comment computer for making my day (if it was a computer, that is). 🙂

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com

~ by Cloud USA on May 27, 2011.

8 Responses to “[Cloud USA] From Stephe’s desk…”

  1. LMAO!

    I swear to y’all, all I could think of, looking at that stuff, was that it had been sliding around inside a cat’s esophageal track once. *HURK* See, there I go again ROFL

    I mean, where do you get an idea like that??

    Stephe ^@@^


    • ROFL. It’s damn cool they chose your comment though.


    • ROFLMAO.

      Ladies, you should have heard Stephe talking about this thing on the phone. Of ALL the comments she’s made over on the MTVStyle blog, and THIS is the one they feature.

      Hurk. *snicker*

      Terri :-} (who is having WAY too much fun teasing Stephe about this.)


    • Funny!……If you think that’s bad. I spent most of the day watching a show called “Oddities” on the Science channel. It’s a reality show about a store that carries vintage/historical/antique weird sh__t. People come in to buy and sell weirdness too. One lady came in to sell some “cute” little knick-knacks, very artistically done made out of……Belly Button Lint….YES. Her father, brother and boyfriend were the sources of this stomach lint…..ICK!!! She also made jewelry out of toe nail clippings too! So *HURK* times 10!!


  2. Lol, I love your comment!!!!


  3. LOL!


  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Girl now you know they know who you are hahaha but CONGRATS!!!! And I agree HURK? hahahahaha


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