RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 8. Breaking it down hard like nobody’s business.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 5/21. (If a translation comes available, I’ll post that here.)

I am still flying SO high from Rain and Vogler showing out at the DMF, and from the utter excitement of meeting new classmates face to face while digging into my first Korean lesson in The A.T.L. today, that I can hardly concentrate on doing this episode. Let’s see if I can find some quick inspiration…

*hitting play, absorbing RAINY DAY intro filled with JiHoon*

Okay! Suddenly got my second wind. Let’s do this thing! 😀

*jaw drops* Oh heavens, we’re still right in the middle of the “Nan” (I) rehearsal… *zones the heck out*

Okay guys, water looks good, let’s get past all the crying and suffering real quick… (fast Nan whine)(fast Nan whine)(faster Nan whine) Okay let down the coat for Rainism yeah— LMAO! Well so much for suffering over some chick. Moving on. 😉

Ah, we’re getting a truly nice view of the control boards beyond the stage, where lights and sound and magic happens. And we get to see our Magic Feet fine-tuning the new laser-light show that he’s inserted at the very end of “Rainism.” Sounds like that took a lot out of him as we then launch into “Na” (Me/Myself). Aww… and Baby Hoon is all over the JumboTron. Be still my heart. ♥ (That’s a really good thing to see, too… in more ways than one. *smile*)

Heheh. With a gathering of coils beneath the spring-loaded elevator, Rain is soon living—and flying—like Superman as “Bad Guy” gets going. How in the world was he singing so smoothly through that “flight”, people? Wow. He continues marking steps and taking mental notes right on into “Instead of Saying Goodbye.”

You can tell which parts of the concert choreography Rain really digs right off, because he’ll be marking steps and moseying along and not looking particularly enthused, and all of a sudden BAM! Holy Moly, Batman! He’ll just start breaking it down hard like nobody’s business. Which is what happened with that new hot, steaming, wonderful 90s dance break that’s in the latter part of the song—Rain comes to life like gangbusters and starts slinging his joints out of whack, and the Crew, which is finely attuned to his every move, gets in the groove right along with him.

*full arm hip swing… full arm hip swing*
*roll and stomp it… roll and stomp it*
*Pop it Lock… Pop it Lock*
*sling it left… sling it right*
*roll, ROLL… roll, ROLL*
(pause and let the ladies get down)
*stir that coffee*
*bring it to the front*
*harlem shake harlem shake harlem shake harlem shake* BOOM

*moseys off in deep thought*

*gives The Goods a JumboTron check*

I don’t mind saying that whole interlude was my favorite part of the episode. Might as well tell the truth and shame the devil. 🙂

Erm, wait a minute… I said that before seeing what came next. Love. Story. Where Rain proceeds to, every now and then, sow his wild oats. @__@ Pardon me a moment while I grab a shot of Irish Creme. Be right back.

Okeedokee then, this puppy’s a wrap. Until next week, fans. Cheers!

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(Credit : happyyyrain torrent / ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on May 22, 2011.

7 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 8. Breaking it down hard like nobody’s business.”

  1. It was cool to see Jihoon work.


  2. Phew! I had to like, whipe my brow after watching that. Hot! I’m with you on that, Stephe. I can watch him do that 90s dance break anytime of the day. You can tell he totally gets into it and he does it with such swag everytime. Love Song was a tad breathtaking. Certainly made me have to fan myself.


  3. Terri and Stephe, love you guys. I look forward to these episodes so much.
    On a side note, yeah he had to lift up that shirt and check himself out on the JumboTron huh. Love when he was just talking to someone with his shirt lifted and nip showing…after that, “Love Story” with all the air humping…lucky air is all I am saying!


  4. Wow!


  5. OMG he made me soar sky high with Love Story!!! Argh!!!! Those high notes makes me go nuts!!! And that’s in rehersal!!! God have mercy on me if he EVER do that while I am listening his concert live cuz I may not survive!! Jesus!!! *feeling goosebumps all over my body.*


  6. @Stpehe LOl,,,
    proceeds to, every now and then, sow his wild oats. @__@ Pardon me a moment while I grab a shot of Irish Creme. Be right back.
    awwawaawaw …. i cloud agree that either …
    i very love the Nan waterfall even just a plan rehershal it look beauitful as it mean to be for rain i have to say this.. i never see in man perfrom like rain does and as for him he did with such a SEXYNESS move
    and look under that waterfall … it not just beauitful and sexy it it make u screaming along too gotta have that for all his exushated u know!! @#:40 i love how rain shoe his slideshow Profile in it just to good to see his was young for some have not or never see like me ahhaha good think rain is open person and he dear to what it good for him and conoinue to move on his stage . gosh watching this epi very tuff but it good at the same time too rain is very serious when came to business and perfrom on his stage he stricjk and very aweare no mistake bo ya.. this is serious so must GET THIS RIGHT!!
    DRAN why the more i watch his rehershal i am all up on that white slake shirt instead O_O somthing about his shirt or his body their ??? i just could get my eye offfffffffff!! @ 6::09 i love his reflation so beauitful even shadow of rain looking sexy move too awawaw!! get u groove on baby 🙂
    gosh he so good in his breakdan i would to see rain one these day if he can work with some R&B Artis whenhe ius back from MS so why not give rain to be part of R&B MV or somthing it would be o”OFF THE HOOK”
    AWAWAWAW @8:22
    i would mind if hejust took it all off and walk half *MNAKE no i mean showdown but left his boxer up ekekek how he walk on his Adieu dran my brain so drain with that and it never OVER i saying… YUMMY that cholocated body dnow did he went to some donut store everbody and eat their that why his body so tome in and so yummy !! Lol… :P) OMG!! @(:55 he just lift up his SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYY BACK for me ahahah rain u think i am not going to run over their shot i wanted to run my finger all over oh yeah rain that sexy back differnly say came and get it!! :P)
    @11:07 LOVE STORY sing.. at monemt he just fo as smooth suddendly he sing hit the HIGH NOTE!! my his expression on that song must been very hurt him so much everytime he sing rain very sing out his heart!! if that were me of his gril i never let him slide from my hand ever!! i guy like him why is any gril understand rain ?????????
    i don;t other see in him to me rain just PERFECT for who he is and no matter regradless his bussy or not i am live with it!! and understand his work as well very love his epi on this alot EYECANDY to see ahahahahah!!


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