5 Responses to “[fan account] I expected a ballad… and dropped the camera when the beat from “Rainism” began to play. :)”

  1. travel to Korea, his impression of Bi Rain and their idea for a collaboration.
    i very admire Jan Volger keep rain and mind and wanted to bering him tho German and have did a beauiful wondering collaboration.with whiches bring rain hudge tho their country of fan and how envirous of him to learn and see how inmportant and so PSECIAL to Jan Volger along his soul fans too thank u for give such a remarkble ecounter and your exprience of rain with us this it very touch me and i know how it meanful to u too lnn.. 🙂
    i could agreed more she absullulty RIGHT about rain how handsome he is real life and know u heart fuiltter melthing my see him and looking righ in his eye and look awawawwa of course!!! :P)
    rain very make all his aduivance go wilde and LOVE BY HIS PERFORMS i notice that even german ADUIANCE did know rain is even agree to not want him to leave adfterall see how collaboration.perfrom he is and a very gentelman he speak to his fan yet Jan volger too so sweet and i know they well learn and love world star rain after this !!
    and thank u for this best sweet ecperince of rain from u LOVE IT!! 🙂 *__*


  2. All that is for Jihoon.


  3. LOL…those two guys screaming for Rain…that’s awesome.


  4. Thanks for sharing your detailed fan account!!! You really made me feel like I was there experienceing the moment with you!!!!


  5. Thanks for sharing us your enjoyable fan account Linh. I’ll treasure this memorable event with you in mind.


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