[quickie][fan cam] The jet lag… it’s killin’ him. Gah!

Baby Boy is sooo tired! Aww. ♥ ^@@^ Bi Rain in Dresden 19th May 2011 talk 2. (credit: GermanClouds @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on May 21, 2011.

18 Responses to “[quickie][fan cam] The jet lag… it’s killin’ him. Gah!”

  1. @ Diva hahahaha actually he did one better already…I think during him being in L.A. He looked directly into the camera and said VERY GOOD! I might had poo-nonnie! Hahahahaha my internet is down right now otherwise I would post. Or maybe Stephe has scene it too.


  2. i very impressive of him at german though he give all his BEST OF THE BEST of all his perfrom it doesn’t matter what and where his goes to rain even though he so tried and just want to sleep but one sec ot another way he have to FLY here and their rain just to bussy perfrom conting all his Asia concert along aside his fliming and moving to his interiew dran the man is totally fire and tried as it is recived… poor think he alway want to prof his fan how amazing he is and give them good perfrom who he worldstar is i
    “DON’T BLAME” RAIN 😎 FOR THAT AT ALL HIS HIS DISNITY. so i surly understand why he so humble for all and what what make rain love to travel and hardworking and yet give such outstanding live concert too. how does he mamange all that that my question???
    rain speak ENGLISH Ait very make me proud that it have improve alot here in Dersden Gerrman he speak no translate all. and he very need that REST and relaxing too i bit worrier about his HELATH!!


  3. Catch phrases he needs to Seriously put on t-shirts:

    “It’s Amazing”
    “I’m So Excited”


    • ROFL!

      We all ought to wear those on shirts whenever he comes over here for a fan meeting. LMAO (with the Cloud USA logo over the quote, of course hahaha)

      Stephe ^@@^


    • ROFL.

      I know, right?

      Okay, Rain. Seriously. You have GOT TO come up with a few more English phrases to use during your concerts and appearances in English-speaking countries. In fact, here are a few I’ve thought up myself. Please add them to your repertoire.

      Appropriate response to the maniacally screaming audience at your next U.S. concert “Wow! You U.S. Clouds, rock!”

      From your limo, after spying a group of particularly cute U.S. Clouds dancing to a Rain song on the street, roll down your window and say: “Go, girls! Go, go, go!” Then grin widely and wave as your car drives away.

      “How ’bout them [insert professional major league baseball/football/basketball, etc., team of whatever city you are touring in]?!” This phrase is particularly appropriate if you attended a game before the concert and there is an awkward technical break in between songs and you need filler. After you say this phrase, then you can go on to talk a bit about the game–tell them who won, who made the best play, that sort of thing.

      “You want me to [sing/dance/strip] now?” Use whichever verb is appropriate.

      “Anybody know a good Korean restaurant to go to while I’m here?” You won’t be able to hear the responses of the screaming crowd, but does that really matter? All they care about is that you’re speaking English and saying something besides, “It’s awesome, “it’s amazing,” or “I’m so excited.” And if you’re in Atlanta, it REALLY won’t matter, because there aren’t all that many good Korean restaurants here anyway. Look them up on the Internet.

      “Please say my name.” When the crowd responds with Rain or Ji-Hoon, act like you’re in ecstasy. It won’t matter what you say after that.

      “Kimchi fighting!” You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

      “I love you, Terri.” This one is the most important phrase of all and should be said at EVERY concert–no matter where in the world you are.

      Well, I hope I’ve helped. Call me if you need more. I got a million of ’em.

      Anyone else? Ha ha.

      Terri :-}


      • What the hel — ? “I love you, Terri.” ??


        Are you by the phone right now?? I’m calling your @ss, girl.

        Stephe ^@@^


      • Terri, a woman after my own heart (HA!!). When he’s on stage he would tell the technicians to bring the house lights up while saying exuberantly…..”Where My Sexy Noonas At?” (yeah behind the preposition I know), or my personal favorite…….”All My Noonas In The House Say Oww!”


    • He should also really, REALLY think of getting a tshirt saying, “It’s my honor”. Yes, sweetie, we know English is hard but I know u know other things to say… How about just randomly yelling out “banana!” one day? That would be awesome, if only for us CloudUSA-ers.


  4. aww…our poor energizer bunny ;)…get some rest!!!…so nice to see him speaking English, very much improved


  5. This concert was amazing and I am really happy for him. Rain was so full of joy it glowed in his face!!! Lol!! Fans received him with such love and I think he was truly touched by them. His performance was excellent as always but in Love Song his voice was beyond beautiful. I melted in a puddle when I heard him. Gawd, those fans are soo lucky!! Vogler performance with Rain was magical; a once on a lifetime moment to remember forever. Congratulations Baby Boo you rocked Dresden!!!! 😀


  6. Yes poor Rain he was tired. Him being tired did not stop him from putting on an awsome performance. It did not stop him from being his usual jokster self! I hope someone video the endcore performances would love to see it. I am so happy for Rain. You can tell he was really happy he could not stop smiling.


  7. I don’t if it was the fan cammer or someone else but I heard her say….”We didn’t sleep either…LOL.


  8. Poor guy I do feel for him…But I see it didn’t stop the jokester in him. He’s so fun!


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