[fan cams] Rain at the Dresden Music Festival, the evening of May 19.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Well, I must say that Rain pulled NO punches when it came to the Europeans! He gave it to them the same way he gives it to us and to everyone else—long, hard, and repeatedly.

Jan Vogler was in absolute awe and happier than a clam. The cellist could NOT keep still during “Love Song” at all (you go, Jan!)… and when he not only started the song off with an interlude but came back into it during the bridge and chorus, I thought I was going to die of ecstasy. I am so darned happy this morning.

Oh, to have witnessed it all in person. I can only imagine!

These fan cams are in no particular order. Please enjoy. 😀

Bi / Rain 19th May 2011 in Dresden / Germany – Semperoper – talk. (Credit: German Clouds / GermanClouds @YT)


» Love Song – Bi Rain & Jan Vogler in Dresden. (Credit: oOMeiYingOo@ YT). WATCH on YOUTUBE. Embedding disabled.


***K-Pop*** Rain in Dresden | Rainism. (Credit: zitrone343 @YT)

[Rain (Bi) Fancam]110519 Rain @ Dresden Music Festival_Hip Song(2:47 min). (Credit: DC / ratoka @YT)

[Rain (Bi) Fancam]110519 Rain @ Dresden Music Festival_Hip Song 1. (Credit: DC / ratoka @YT)

***K-Pop*** Rain in Dresden | Joint with Cello. (Credit: zitrone343 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on May 20, 2011.

9 Responses to “[fan cams] Rain at the Dresden Music Festival, the evening of May 19.”

  1. LOVE SONG with Volger it does give me goosebumdp love how rain and jan very move by his love song that very make me *SNIF* so touch and awesome ahahah very love it it is beauitful the monemt i see it was ohhhhhh uuuhhh could get enough of this it one of think u never in fortune!! 🙂


  2. Loved how Jan was moving right along with “Love Song”, awesome. The performance of “Love Song” gave me goosebumps…so beautiful.


  3. Oh wow!! I have been waiting for this performance to happen for months now, and all I can say is that Rain never disappoints!! This was phenomenal!! I’m like Stephe here, the cello during Love Song was just, wow, there are no words to describe it!!


  4. I’m so so happy and proud of him his performance was off the hook and whoever thought of the glowing effect on Rain it was AWESOME!


  5. Thank you for posting the videos!! remarkable moment the one of Love song 🙂


    • “Love Song” with Vogler just about killed me! OMG! I am still floored…

      Stephe ^@@^


      • What a stroke of genius this was. Especially for Jan.

        As a classically trained musician, I gotta tell you opera houses and the like are often pretty empty. So, when Jan mentioned that the auditorium hadn’t ever been so full, I had to LOL. I LOL’d again when he was teasing about so many people knowing Rain, but not knowing who he was himself. Well, Jan, dear, they know you now!

        And I’ll just bet you’ve got yourself some brand new fans, sweetie. He does have CD’s for sale over there on the Dresden Music Festival site, ladies. Just so you know.

        Terri :-}


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