[fan cams] Rain and Vogler give us an earful: They wanted to collab years ago.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

And that’s not all they had to say! “Meeting the President of South Korea was nice, but meeting Rain…!!” Heheh. Sit back and get yourself an earful of Rain and Vogler’s Q & A at the DMF, in English!

Rain Talk. (credit: Linh & Lam / HLyeuTC @YT. Turn on “Annotations” for some subtitling!)

Rain Talk 2. (credit: Linh & Lam / HLyeuTC @YT)


And some Bonuses… Encore! With audience participation. Haha!

Love Song Encore. (credit: Linh & Lam / HLyeuTC @YT)

Rain On Screen.  (credit: Linh & Lam / HLyeuTC @YT)

Rain On Screen 2. (credit: Linh & Lam / HLyeuTC @YT)

Escaping The Sun.  (credit: Linh & Lam / HLyeuTC @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on May 20, 2011.

17 Responses to “[fan cams] Rain and Vogler give us an earful: They wanted to collab years ago.”

  1. This collaboration, their performances, everything…. is so special! Rain continues to break new ground and receives so much love…

    That’s my JiHoon – AMAZING…❤


  2. I am soo happy for Rain cuz it must be refreshing and heart warming for him to see people who speak a language so far from yours trying to say lyrics in your own language cuz I am sure there where fans who are not asian in there. You can see Rain was very happy with that audience. But I have to said this, Jan Vogler is Rain’s #1 fan in there!! He was beaming with joy cuz Rain was there sharing with him such a special occasion. I think he only wanted to play Rain’s music and that’s why he invited Rain. LOL!!! The admiration in Vogler’s eyes was incredible and Rain’s performance was truly spectacular. You go Rain!!!


    • I absolutely love Jan Vogler. Not only can he play the hell out of a cello, such a prestigious man having such deep respect for Rain means profound things when it comes to Rain’s career in the years to come. This is an AMAZING alliance that has come into being, and I don’t think many people realize that.

      The whole Rain at this year’s DMF thing would NOT have happened if it hadn’t been for Vogler’s influence. What made Dresden so special and not just one more BEST or one more ZEPP or one more ADIEU (not that those concerts weren’t special, they absolutely were) was the combination of Rain and Vogler together, and IMHO every part of the performance should be seen as such, rather than folks only thinking of the “Rain part” as worth anything (I’m NOT talking about anyone HERE ON CLOUD USA). To Rain, who admires Vogler greatly and has wanted this collaboration for a long time, the entire performance is Golden, not just his part.

      Yeah, Mari, I thought Vogler was going to come completely undone if he got any happier with him and Rain on the same stage! Hahaha!

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. He has to come back to Germany…i’ve cried for 2 days that I couldn’t go!!!!


  4. OMG!! i could STOP LMAO!!! when he say OK!! let just do it!! Mr Jan Volger like do what????????? OK! Let’s just…do it! ..and u make make your.. Play.. LOL… OK! let’s go!! rain u so HARLIOUS!! –> 😆 i replay that part all over again could help it!!


  5. oh gosh watching this fancam all of them was put to amazing perfrom rain is so much by love by those German fan watching him and sining along and screaming to is aing nothing like u see in life like what he bring it to table … the man SURE ROCK his stage they are wowow and confortly warm by his move and sining drang 5 hit song rain just blow away by that VOICE, and the way he SPEAK IN accent ENGLISH it OUCH* me so bad the i am chi when he speak like doorlssssssssssss when he say “what sub dersden” i am like scramling down to my knee and try to hold on my breath here lord ..:P)
    when ever he took his sunglass off and put on back like he about to hit somone to floor dran rain i heartbeeting here awawawawaw!! TO HOT YA…. i though my mood was in firast place..ahahah he very NURSE his ENGLISH very so good u can hear clear and righ point oh man he killing me a min he say it my HONO!!! :P) that righ it u honor to be and it is them to even love u more i am happy greman did let u down and defeaning who exzactly rain artis is!!
    i love my Jan say meeting persident of korea is nice but, meet rain awawawaw gotta LOVE volger Jan man here he must very happy to bring rain to his perfrom and suprise by many 100 fan or more shock and excited love his perfrom.. dran ye!! the ASIA have broke the RECOD of east & west now ahahahah .
    is rain so gorgeous when he ask his project rain jusrt bush out no fear to say all his concert new movie and Asai tour and Ablum ekekek that make him more excited to stay alive !! and bussy man mr jetleg.. SNNNNAPPPPPPPPP!! the gril was LUCKY by rain give her a flower an shae was like OMG!! did he just give me that !! ahahahah is rain somthing playing cello he sure learn give himself somenew and suprise by his him.. sweet. watching him today it very elegant and HOT of all his perfrom daning with that tigh pant even make him more sexyer then what my expected like uhhhhhhhhh!! LOVE IT!! i am happy rain have make another successful perform in greman. he sure master IT ALL let the man handle it all..


  6. Rain had tremendous support from the German Clouds and he was received so warmly by the people of Germany. Rain’s English was superb and I’ve never seen him so relaxed. Mr. Jan Vogler was amazing. His piccicato version of How to avoid the sun towards the end was cute. Overall, another successful stint by Rain on the record, an achievement he will not forget, as this was the first time he performed in Europe and with a master at that.


  7. All of these fans cams are awsome. I am so happy for Rain that this was a successful performance!!! I love hearing Rain speak english with his accent, it is so adorable and sexy!!!! Rain looked so hot in his outfit. Looking at his thighs and booty in those pants were just to die for, yummy!!!! I am so glad they descided to collaborate and make magic happen on the stage.


  8. These fan cams were just….wonderful. 🙂


  9. The German CLOUDS were amazing…And his English is wonderful! But I still love his accent.


  10. His English is so adorable! I’m spazzing like crazy over here! I just loved when Vogler asked him about his current projects, his answer was so hilarious! “Taiwan, Thailand, Macau, Shanghai, Beijing, etc, etc, etc. *audience cheering like crazy* That’s right. Just in case anyone was in doubt, I am exceedingly awesome!” And the encore, oh, the encore! Here he is in a place where he’s never performed before, and where he’s never done any official promotions for his albums, and they’re still singing along. That has got to be an amazing feeling! It just goes to show how far reaching his influence is. We Clouds represent!


  11. For the love of Pete!

    To hear Rain’s voice and Vogler’s cello backing him up like this… I swear to you it puts me over the MOON. OMG!!!

    Heavens, Rain — your thighs are like tree trunks! Dooood!!! In the words of MENtholatum, I can’t takes no more! *meltdown*

    Stephe ^@@^


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