[article] Pop meets classical music in Music Festival.

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Mein Dresden (My Dresden) is a subjective information portal in Germany that objectively keeps readers informed about what is moving and shaking in the city of Dresden and surrounding areas (news, events, politics, culture, entertainment, etc.). This entry under News: Culture from a few days ago talked about not only Rain’s and Vogler’s upcoming part of the DMF, but all of the activities (artists, orchestras, musical numbers, etc.) that would be happening during this Festival season, which ends on June 5.

Only the beginning paragraphs were about the Classics Meets Pop concert. Thanks to huda @The Cloud Rain News Board for the Mein Dresden screen shot and the tip on this article.

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meindresdeninfo.com 5/18/2011 — [German to English translation by Stephe @CloudUSA]


The Dresden Music Festival will open its celebration with a concert by the State Orchestra in the Semper Opera House. By June 5, the 34th Festival season will have presented a great collection of internationally renowned orchestras and exceptional soloists. Under the slogan/theme “Five Elements”, the musical selections this time proposes a bridge between Europe and Asia. And, for the first time, classical meets pop. Bi Rain, the Michael Jackson of Asia, will have his European debut during the festival.

Currently the most famous representative of Korean Pop, Rain effortlessly fills entire buildings in Asia. And the readers of TIME Magazine have recently chosen him as one of the 100 most influential people in 2011. The Dresden Music Festival will now have singers and dancers that Europe has never experienced before. In a joint concert with Jan Vogler on May 19 at the Semper Opera House, the boundaries between Asia and Europe will not only be lifted on stage. The two artists [Rain and Vogler] will present each other and mutually open their musical worlds for the public.

(end of Rain and Vogler portion)

German to English translation: Stephe @Cloud USA

Source: Mein Dresden Info Portal, “Pop trifft Klassik bei den Musikfestspielen”

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(Rain image courtesy of Mein Dresden / screen cap by huda @The Cloud)


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  2. Wow that waa a very nice article!! Thanks for posting it.


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