[article] Asia-pop meets classical: Interview with Jan Vogler and Rain at the Music Festival.

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Rain and renowned cellist Jan Vogler, in Dresden, Germany. What a wonderful sight. The meshing of two of my favorite worlds!


DNN Online 5/19/2011 — [German to English translation by Stephe @Cloud USA]

Asia-pop meets classical: Interview with Jan Vogler and Rain at the Music Festival

Dresden. Asian pop meets classical cello sounds at the Dresden Music Festival. The Korean superstar Rain (28), considered the Michael Jackson of Asia, is in the Semper Opera House together with festival chief Jan Vogler on stage. In an interview with news agency DPA, the two musicians talk about how the unusual musical connection came about and what makes it appealing.

A Korean pop star and teen heartthrob who makes music with a European cellist—how did this connection come about?

Vogler: “Rain and I met through a mutual friend in South Korea. At a dinner, we made friends and I helped him with my cello.”

Rain: “For me it’s the first time that I’ve done classical music. This is a new experience for me.”

Why do a combination of Asian pop and European classical music?

Vogler: “Music is universal. Pop music and classical music are very different, but we wanted to cross that bridge. You have to respect the music of the other. Then it really has the chance to be magical.”

Rain, apart from European classical music—is there a difference between Asian and European pop music?

Rain: “It is different for cultural reasons and the geographic location itself. In essence, the music is the same.”

What are your hopes for this joint appearance?

Vogler: “I want to show the European public that Rain’s music can be classic and how much class it has. It has an incredible energy.”

Rain: “The performance will be very helpful to me in the future, as a special inspiration.”

German to English translation: Stephe @Cloud USA 

Article Source: (Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten) DNN Online “Asia-Pop trifft Klassik: Interview mit Jan Vogler und Rain zu den Musikfestspielen”

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8 Responses to “[article] Asia-pop meets classical: Interview with Jan Vogler and Rain at the Music Festival.”

  1. Stephe awesome translating skills, girl!


  2. Stephe, ich hab nicht gewusst dass du Deutch sprichts! Great job translating! Thanks! I would love to see Rain collaborate with musicians and singers in many countries on different continents. Wouldn’t that be great? I am so proud of him!


    • Hi, isi. Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

      I have school-level education in French, Spanish, and German, but it’s been many years and I am no longer fluent. Terri is much better with German than I am because she actually lived and taught there for several years. I just use what I’ve retained and check behind myself with Terri or a decent translator. OR if I’m smart, I leave the German to Terri. I’m a lot more comfortable with Spanish. Haha. (This was fun, though! I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this Rain/Vogler article.)

      I’m really proud of Rain too, SO proud that I’m practically beside myself. I just can’t tell you…! Way to go, Hoon!

      Stephe ^@@^


    • I forgot to ask… do you speak German, isi?



  3. @Steph
    hand down for that translattion wowowo i add this my blog as i credit the interew from here u are awesome and appluse to u for this translation it hlep us more understand alot thank sweetie!! 🙂
    i hope furture on rain will bring more classic whiches he already clasic to me aahahah can be more devote to the European music and production regraldess even it his foirst time but hey rain can alway get the mood on righ and i belive h will TUNE this in matter fact it seem like he been reveal his perfrom to them and i hope it became bu g for rain as well… and it is good for rain and we could stop learning abythinf from him so smart and he sure took to next level!!


  4. Stephe, great job! I’m am so proud of Rain and you, as wellj you go girl!


  5. WHOA STEPHE on translation!!! Good for JiHoon on this endeavor we can never stop learning.


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