[2006] Director Park ChanWook on Rain: “There’s no feeling of a dark, hidden side. His character is uniform inside-out.”

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This vintage article was printed by Asian news source Chosun Sports back in November 2006, during the Rain/Director Park/I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK heyday.

During this interview, done just as I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK was premiering, Director Park ChanWook conveyed his pleasure over his and Rain’s collaborative work on the movie. He was very upfront with how impressed he was with Rain as an actor and as a person. As we understand it, Rain has continued to admire Park’s work for years.

This was Rain’s first major movie role (the lead, “Park Ilsoon”).

Please enjoy the read, fans. I certainly did! (Of course, any asides I had are placed inside [brackets].)

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(Article and Cyborg press conference images source site: Melissa @Don’t Let the Rain Stop, Philippines)

[article excerpt] Director Park: Drenched by the Rain

19 Nov 06, Chosun Sports
Kr to Ch: wwrain
Ch to Eng: rayndrop

Jihoon in Director Park’s eyes:

1. Carefree
2. No vices
3. No secrets
4. Down-to-earth
5. Smart with fast reflex
6. Great acting skills

When the movie “Cyborg” was about to show, Director Park Chan Wook kept smiling. This is not his first his first or second movie, but this time, it feels like he’s awarded with a special prize. That’s because the censorship board rated this movie as “12 and above.” Director Park has been working hard to make this a movie which fathers can take their daughters to. In the past, he had believed that “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” would be rated 15 and above, but he was dealt with a blow. So this time, it’s double joy for him. To Director Park, this is a new challenge—his first attempt to film a movie with a youthful theme, and at the same time, it’s Rain (Jung Jihoon)’s first big-screen movie….(omitted)

Q: This time, the participation of Rain attracted much attraction. How did you two first meet?

Park: I got to know about Rain through Park Jinyoung [JYP ^@@^]. Once, when we were having dinner with some other people, Park Jinyoung started handing out CDs, one for each person. The CD says “Rain.” I thought it was the name of the featured song. Later, I learnt that it was the name of the singer, and I thought, “What a strange name.” I think it was the time he made his debut and was starting his promotional activities.

Q: How did you first discover Rain’s acting skills?

Park: During one of the movie award ceremony, I saw him dancing with Lee Hyori [Is he talking about the Hyori/Rain Tango here? ^@@^] . You could tell the kind of vitality he possesses. He doesn’t just dance well, but has a showmanship like that of Michael Jackson. You could easily imagine him in a movie. During the ceremony, I saw the looks and unwavering attention the actresses were giving him, and I thought, “He is a charismatic youth indeed!” But at that time, I thought, “When can we work together? I guess the possibility is not great…” So I let it go at that…

Q: How fated are you and Rain?

Park: During the sound dubbing for “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”, Rain came to visit our production team. After work, we went for a drink together. We had drinks together again during the VIP movie premier. Because Sung Kang-ho and Chol Min-chi like him a lot, so unconsciously I trusted him too. At first when I was preparing to film a movie with youthful theme, my mind was all filled with images of Rain. I didn’t have time to go think about other actors. It’s exactly the same case when I was filming “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”. The first person I thought of was Lee Young-ae.

Q: Now that you know Rain, what do you think of this person?

Park: Carefree, no vices, no hidden secrets, very down-to-earth. He’s exactly who he is when you see him normally. There’s no feeling of a dark, hidden side. His character is uniform inside-out. I want to let all these show through the movie.

Q: How’s Rain as an actor?

Park: He can feel very well. In acting, it is very important to be able to grasp the moments. Because he is very smart, he understands what I tell him very quickly, and can express the things I want.

Q: What’s the story behind choosing Im Soo Jung as Rain’s co-actress?

Park: Rain suggested it. He said he hopes for Im Soo Jung to take up this role. I naturally agree with him.

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6 Responses to “[2006] Director Park ChanWook on Rain: “There’s no feeling of a dark, hidden side. His character is uniform inside-out.””

  1. great article


  2. I saw old boy thru netflix so now I’m going to if they have lady vengeance. Old boy it’s very strong movie. Not for everybody.
    I think director saw mostly what we have perceived of “the man” even though we dont know him personally. It’s good to get a ratification of someone who worked with him closely.


  3. oh goodness….i believe i have all of Park Chanwook’s films. this man is crazy good at what he does. not to long ago, i read that he had come to the US to work with director’s here on something. haven’t heard anything else about that.

    but heck his Old Boy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance had me on a cliff hanger.


  4. Very interesting and nice article. Thanks for posting.


  5. Thank you Stephe, this was a very pleasant read indeed.


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