[Article] Stephe’s Take: The Rest of the Story.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

[Cloud USA 5/16/11] Wow. Where do I begin?

Words are powerful, so much so that it always floors me when people aren’t careful how they use them. One statement, taken as fact and forwarded by everyone who encounters it, can circle the globe at light speed and negatively affect a worldwide fan base. Three sentences, depending on how they are translated from one language, can make someone who is humble and caring mistakenly appear to be haughty or arrogant in another.

The Associated Press article that was published Saturday, May 14, about Rain (a.k.a. Jung JiHoon, South Korean mega-entertainer), » Rain talks music and movies, but not military duty, still has me in a daze, for several reasons. A full accounting of Rain’s press conference in Macao needs to be released, and soon, so that his dedicated fans worldwide who were upset by the article can rest assured that they aren’t supporting him for nothing.

I sit here incredulous. There’s no time like the present, so let’s get right to my point of view on this subject.

• Before this past Saturday, Rain couldn’t have bought a mention when it comes to the English-speaking press. The man could have singlehandedly rescued a bus load of children from a sinking bridge, evacuated an entire village from an exploding volcano, and literally saved Planet Earth from an invading alien force, all in one day, and the American media wouldn’t have even bothered to write about him. As usual. But then a 16-paragraph article comes out where it looks like he’s being difficult or trying to hide something, and every U.S. news source, on-line and off, from The San Francisco Chronicle to The Boston Globe and everything in between, decides to throw that story up front and center? Really?

Where is the rest of what Rain said during this event? Where is the rest of the story, a full transcript or uncut video of this recent Macao press conference? There is no way that he walked into a room full of world press, sat down, said only those three sentences (which would have taken all of ten seconds), and then split. Which means that those three sentences [“Now America is no longer dominant. Now many Asian movies and songs are very popular. The two regions have the same status now.”] are sitting there in that article out of context, without what came before or after them and without their proper meaning.

This is a good place to bring up the “lost in translation” problems that are always present when it comes to English and Korean, as well. Korean-to-English conversion never comes out that cleanly and almost always has to be reworded to make proper sense. This is obviously a rewording—just how close is it to Rain’s original statement? Was the translator careful? The image in my mind of Rain looking into a camera and flat-out telling the U.S. that it is lacking is about as ludicrous as him looking into a camera and telling the Filipino people that their food was “decent” last fall. In the nine years of his career, he’s been careful not to be rude or insulting in the press to anyone, so those three sentences attributed to him do not jive, frankly. I’m not buying this clipped translation. There must be more to it.

• Something else I’m not buying is the statement But Rain thinks his entertainment future lies in Asia. This is not shown in the article as a direct quote from Rain, but as the writer’s conclusion, and it should be taken by fans as such. Why? It completely contradicts direct quotes that have come straight from Rain’s mouth in written and live interviews from the latter half of 2010 up until now. I’m going to try to put out a new album, finish a movie, have a concert tour, serve my time in the military, and then throw myself into struggling hard as an actor in the States. Please support me. That’s what the man’s been saying for months and Sundays. His KBS Global interview/article… his KBS 1TV live interview in April… when E!News Asia’s Dominic Lau talked to him before his show in Malaysia a few weeks ago… his February interview with Yonhap News… and on and on.

Not only does the writer’s claim contradict what Rain has been saying, it also contradicts the last words we heard straight out of his U.S. management’s own mouth, who I doubt would be spending time and money representing him over here if he had no career plans.

• Rain talks about his impending military service all the time. He’s been quoted left and right about it for the past year. He talked to Channel News Asia about it last month. He talked to Yonhap News about it. He talked about it to a huge press corp at Incheon Airport recently. He’s always talking to KBS about it. So he declines to talk about it in Macao and it’s some huge deal? So what? Which segues nicely into my next bullet point…

• If you already know that Few details of his military duty have been disclosed, but he told South Korean media last month that it would start at the end of this year, then why ask about his enlistment to begin with? What else is there for the man to say that hasn’t already been said? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate, in the little time he had, to talk about his current important projects and what he was in Macao for? Don’t celebrities, politicians, law enforcement officials, attorneys, et cetera, regularly determine the subjects to be covered during some press conferences in order to cut down on extraneous drivel that is inevitably droned on and on about by reporters (if they allow questions at all, that is)? Let’s face it, time is money.

Do I feel that Rain is turning his back on his future goals, plans, and dreams in the United States? No, and why would I, until he himself makes a statement changing his stance? Why should any fan believe that the Rain they’ve listened to for months would suddenly make such an abrupt character change, especially when the Media says so? And while I’m on that subject, when are fans across the world going to stop immediately taking everything the Media says about Rain as gospel, and continue believing in him for a minute? Will that day ever, ever come?

Rain is transitioning into a new phase of his life, and for him to continue hugging Asia while putting his arms around America seems a natural part of that. Both parts of the world are really important to him—America set the standard and has opened doors to him, and he’s proud of the strides that Asia has made in meeting the bar America has set, which wasn’t easy. I believe he’s simply talking up Asia, not putting down America. He wants to embrace and be embraced by both, together. » This is further enforced in my mind by the footage (edited) of Rain’s BEST Macao press conference that has come to light.

The question is, will the Media consciously hinder him in the future with what they decide to print?

And will we, as his fans, stand for that kind of behavior?

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org 

~ by Cloud USA on May 16, 2011.

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  1. U are so right Mari. His english is better but it’s not perfect and I’m quite sure he doesn’t feel 100% comfortable speaking in english. I’m also quite sure he wants to make sure that he doesn’t make mistakes while speaking another language during an interview so that he can be misconstrued :glares at reporter:. Speaking english during a concert where it doesn’t matter if he says something silly or a little wrong is one thing. Totally using the wrong word during an interview could be disastrous. He’s a smart man. I feel certain that he wouldn’t just turn around and say something totally different than what he said just a week ago, especially without some sort of explanation.

    About the military thing, I agree with all of you. Why does he need to repeat himself ad nauseum? He has nothing else to say about it. Cut the man some slack… jeez. When he goes in, he goes in.


  2. Gezz, I miss less than a day here in Cloud USA and all hell broke loose!!! Lol!!! Well, like I said before, when I read that article in Twitter I thought, “humm, there is someone here trying to manipulate things.” i didn’t belive Rain said those things but I must admit that coming from a source like AP it gave me a moment of pause. AP used to be some serious press people but now I see they are being manipulated by someone. This kind of articles don’t just happen, I do believe there is a purpose for it. The timing is too perfect, Rain was getting lots of attention with the Times Poll. What a better way to trow down the buzz that saying “Rain don’t care sh** about american fans.” Cuz that’s what they are trying to sell us. Regarding Rain speaking more in english I must say two things; Is true that he speaks it well cuz last concert he spoke mostly in english but I notice that in most interviews he use a person to translate and this is in Asia. Why we expect that he don’t use a person to translate in english? English is not his first language and neither is Thai or other languages so people in Asia don’t expect him to speak in their language so why we expect him to speak in ours? I love that he speaks english, my heart gets warm and I get dizzy but I don’t expect he speaks spanish cuz that’s too much. Rain has improve a lot in english but doing interviews is another thing. Is true he must keep improving cuz if he expects to do a career as an actor in USA he should do it but he still have two years to learn. Let’s give him a break. Regarding the press, I think that they are in a fierce competition to get news out as fast as possible so they are not taking the time to do their job right and that is give accurate info. Is happening a lot and we have to be very careful and don’t take news as they come. Analize it and see who’s talking behind it and their purpose.


    • Now, Mari, you know that’s what we do best ’round these parts — hell breaking loose. LOL

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Yes, i notice!!! Lol!!! But seriously, I didn’t believe a word they say. I knew it was some kind of mistake in translation. I believe in Baby Boo!! 😀


    • I hear you lady!…….Preach!………We will make sure Bi has an English translator. I’m good However and in whatever way the English comes forth!

      There was a time when Prince (The artist in Purple Pants) used to have people speak FOR him in interviews, when he was perfectly capable of doing so for himself. The reporters would be instructed to direct the questions for Prince to the person (lady/girlfriend) sitting next to him. She would lean over whisper to Prince, he would whisper his answer back, she would in turn speak Prince’s answer to the reporters. This is back when Prince was really notorious for strange behavior!

      So However, Rain wants to talk to THE PEOPLE is fine with me……He can stand on his head if he wants to, it’s A-Ok! You DO YOU BI!! (SMILES)


  3. @stephe
    His KBS Global interview/article… his KBS 1TV live interview in April… when E!News Asia’s Dominic Lau talked to him before his show in Malaysia a few weeks ago… his February interview with Yonhap News… and on and on.
    Not only does the writer’s claim contradict what Rain has been saying, it also contradicts the last words we heard straight out of his U.S. management’s own mouth, who I doubt would be spending time and money representing him over here if he had no career plans. Rain talks about his impending military service all the time. He’s been quoted left and right about it for the past year. He talked to Channel News Asia about it last month. He talked to Yonhap News about it. He talked about it to a huge press corp at Incheon Airport recently. He’s always talking to KBS about it. So he declines to talk about it in Macao and it’s some huge deal? So what? Which segues nicely into my next bullet point…

    • If you already know that Few details of his military duty have been disclosed, but he told South Korean media last month that it would start at the end of this year, then why ask about his enlistment to begin with? What else is there for the man to say that hasn’t already been said?

    AMEN TO THAT it so true !!and stephe along with teri u are ROCK and alway back him up for the respect and right of his true reveal and what happen ect… thank u for best and tre detail that why i alway relize and love this site and you both are TRULY inspire BY RAIN clouds and cloudUSA here i am to THANK U for all u hardworking and keep rain movbing with belive and true and what need to be explained
    to me i been fan of rain 3 years now i never ever think nagitive of him even they replish this article with misleading like this they are sure to attetion rain backfire. which effect all his fan esp USA too seriously they need to give him a respect amd more space before they put anything in that article it killing me of reading such a nonsen abour rain and i don’r think rain will want to end his fan like this either aarrgghhhh!!

    u guy are awesome HUG for rain from me!! 🙂


  4. Bravo! another Worthy article! 😀
    I just don’t get those media, GOSH! I know that’s really the way they are, but COME ON! Rain is not DUMB, media people! I’m sure there are better things to absorb in his press con than those what you have wrote… stephe is right! WHERE THE HECK IS THE REST OF THE INTERVIEW?! the AP article is very misleading… they reminds me of someone~…*sigh*

    Thank you so much CLOUD USA! you’re all THE BEST!!!! ❤


    • Hahaha 😀 Right! It reminds me of someone too… and I can guarantee you that it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that it is called the “AP” article 😉


      • You’re right… it does remind me of someone or a certain other news corporation that shall remain nameless.


  5. Well, what can I say? This article is pure gold 😀 It reminds me of the speech “Educated Man” written by Jovito Salonga. It says not to let ourselves be “imprisoned by the printed page” and ALWAYS ALWAYS make a relentless, rigorous analysis and evaluation of everything we read. If I may, I’d like quote parts of Mr. Salonga’s speech.

    “Because of cheap paper and printing, an enormous mental garbage has been piled up beyond our collective capacity to liquidate.”

    “You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair. In the central place of your heart, there is a recording chamber; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer and courage, so long are you young. When the wires are all down and your heart is covered with the snow of pessimism and the ice of doubt, then — and then only — are you grown old.”

    I guess it’s okay to have doubts and negative thoughts at times… but we shouldn’t let those hinder our capability to see the truth and search for the truth.

    Busybee was right when she told me that we should always keep a loving and healthful state of mind in making judgment and decisions.

    Again, thank you very much for this, CLOUD USA! I think it’s safe to say that out of all the rain sites out there, yours is the most reliable and enlightening! GOD BLESS YOU 🙂


  6. @Stephe @Terri
    I mentioned this in my other post on this topic, and will repeat it here as well. Thanks for always trying to get to the bottom of things (digging a little deeper) and putting it out there for all to know…


    Thanks for all that you do!!!! *♥*


  7. This afternoon I read the 2 viewpoints and started to write what I thought on my iphone and managed to erase it by mistake.
    Here goes again:
    So I’m so glad to read your guys’ rebuttal to this article. I was eagerly awaiting it. When I first read it I was shocked and confuzzled too. My face was like WHAT??!? I immediately came here to see if it had been written about yet and made a comment or 2 here and on the forum.

    I definitely know from experience not to fly off the handle and assume anything about what is printed about him anymore. I did that a few times last year and felt kinda dumb after assuming like I did (and we all know what assume means, don’t we?? lol…). I also know about the media and not taking everything they say at face value. Especially when there’s translations involved. I’m sure many of us know from watching Kdramas and reading articles about Kpop or Rain in general, that there’s quite a bit of mistakes and/or individual interpretation that can go on. There’s been more than a few times where I’ve given my computer screen the “WTH??” look while reading the subs on a Kdrama and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    I also had first hand experience with media bias or exaggeration. I’m from Panama and I was there when Noriega was being ousted. There were many times when we would experience something, then turn around and watch them say something totally different on the news. We all know that goes on all the time, everywhere nowadays.

    I can understand being confused or disappointed. I can’t understand those fans that swear up and down they are die hard Rain fans, but as soon as someone prints something halfway wrong about him, they drop him like a hot potato or wail to the heavens and rip out hair over it. Talking about jumping off a building over him? Please! I can’t even imagine. Like Bia said… if u heard I jumped, I’ve been pushed…. lol.

    I do understand what some of u guys are saying about wanting him to do some interviews in English though. I really think the guy does not realize just how many non Asian people there are that are into him in the U.S. and in other places. Or just into Kpop in general. Now that he’s tweeting in English once in a blue moon, he should branch out and do other things too.

    In conclusion (like I’m writing a paper… ha! It’s probably as long as a paper… dang.), I really think his words were taken out of context, probably on purpose. Like Stephe said, he could barely get anything written about him and all of a sudden he’s all over the U.S. news after “saying” something derogatory about the U.S.? Yeah… ok. I feel like certain people just don’t want Rain (or maybe Asians in general, who knows?) to succeed here.
    That’s just my 2 cents.


    • I also agree about him doing more interviews in English. He has no idea how crazy we get when seeing English tweets, imagine an interview…lol.


    • Girl, we all write term papers in these parts, you know you’re in good company LOL!

      Very interesting about the end of the Noriega era. Thanks for sharing that!

      Whenever I see fans in the Rainiverse (and on The Cloud) getting all messed up/obsessive on Rain, it always makes me think about poor Jackie Chan back in ’88 when fans found out he had gotten married and one killed herself by train and another one tried to poison herself at the movie production offices. Jackie will tell you himself that he’s never gotten over that, and I’d REALLY hate for Rain to have to live with something like that. He doesn’t half sleep at night as it is over just bad press, so that would be plain awful. This stuff just pushes my buttons so hard and before I know it, I’m preaching. *sigh*

      Stephe ^@@^


  8. Now that this AP stuff is cleared up. Imma go look for some pictures that would fit into a certain thread (BIG and YELLOW) on the forum.


  9. I couldn’t have expressed it better myself. Thanks Cloud USA.


  10. Well I consider myself a Rain fan. However some articles that I read I just take with a grain of salt. I have to admit tho when I first read the article and the article alone I was a bit confused. I didn’t exactly know what was going on, I guess since I saw Associated Press I wasn’t expecting the article to be handled in a such a way. I wasn’t going overboard or anything, I just wondered what was really said but with what Rain had stated about his plans after Military Service…what more could be said about it. To be quite honest I rarely read other articles on other places anymore, unless it’s CloudUSA. There’s always things that are going to be said about him that aren’t true. While I don’t know Rain personally, I fail to see that he would say such things and be disrespectful knowing the harm it would cause. Just my two cents.


    • Cecilia,

      You aren’t alone. There were a lot of confused and dismayed fans out there. It was a very confusing situation. I hope no one thinks for a minute that I don’t think it was. I was even confused myself.

      20 years ago you could trust that the stories coming out of the AP were factual and trustworthy. Those days have been gone a long time, I’m afraid.


      Terri :-}


  11. Thank you Stephe! and you know I agree with all you said. Lets face it sisters the American media has and will always put their own spin on things. Example: An educated African American and a crack head as by standers to an event, the media will always ALWAYS! go for the most uneducated for a comment. Not only that but JiHoon will be put to the test time and time again by American press just because of the fact he is such a force to be reckoned with and he’s Asian and he has a huge fan base and also in the USA. And its only gonna get BIGGER! JiHoon boo my love for you my sweet friend ALWAYS! MUAH!

    And now that I have read all your comments I will also say. JiHoon is a very PROUD Asian man and proud of his people and he should be first and foremost. The fact that I’m multi-cultural and growing up in my family I truly did not know the differences in race, not till my preteens and thats due to outside influences.

    In my teens I started hating anything about myself that wasn’t black enough and took black history and read every and anything I could find about my people. Then the more I learned the more I started the love me and understand that I have to embrace all of me my BLACK/WHITE/RED heritages and say SCREW those that don’t and won’t appreciate me for ME!

    By me telling all of you this about me I’m trying to say, yes we don’t know the real JiHoon/Rain and we never will we and not close associates but he IS and GOOD person and has a lot of respect for others and thats what its about.


  12. Dear Teri and Stephe, I really wish Rain knows about you folks, specially this CloudUSA site, and get in here some time and read what is going on and think here USA about him, and how much we care and love, and support him. You are representaitves of Rain for USA. If only Rain knows what you folks are doing it here, I am sure he will be so much grateful how you are trying to support and respresent his true image. I just want to say thank you for your hard working to make sense everything about him and proud that we cloudusa have you folks right here..! thank you, again! Have a blessed week, folks!
    ^__~ +


    • Aww, thank you, JJ! How kind of you ^^

      How have you been? I hope you’ve been doing well out there in paradise… 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Thanks for asking, Stephe! I’m ok here in paradise, just little busy with works. Take good care! bigHugs ^__~ +


  13. I also want to mention that I do agree with Bia on some points. As a celebrity we can only see up to a certain point what Rain is trully like. We dont know him like family or his close associates. His statement (if it trully was) was not outrageous. what i am getting at is that it could have been something he said. I havent been a fan for long so I dont have the experience a lot of others had with the media coverage over the years. To imply that someone is not a true fan because they fell for a bad writeup is kinda hurtful and unfair. Everybody is human and we have our doubts sometimes.


    • Gigi_rou,

      I understand where you’re coming from, but I have to disagree with you in part.

      In my humble opinion, if someone who calls him/herself a fan hears something from the Media that is contradictory to what their favorite celebrity has been saying for months and believes it, then they aren’t really a “true” or loyal fan.

      Rain fans are some of the most loyal followers imaginable. They really are. But they also are crazily accepting of anything negative news outlets have to say about him. Frankly, it’s really bizarre.

      Over the year and a half that Stephe and I have been running Cloud USA, we’ve seen it happen again and again. Rain’s Clouds will see something touted in the news as fact, and then they will go running around to every fansite, posting it up as if it is the absolute truth–without even investigating whether it is or not. That is simply WRONG. That is why you will never see Cloud USA post any news story until we’ve investigated it thoroughly to make sure it is completely factual and unbiased.

      I wish we could trust journalists to give us only the facts, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Often, reporters are so hungry for a headline that they will say anything. So, no one should EVER assume that something is fact just because it has been written by a supposedly trustworthy source and has been distributed worldwide. Instead, one should ALWAYS investigate the truth for yourself.

      And especially, we should always trust what we’ve actually seen and heard from the star himself FIRST, before we find ourselves making some kind of rush to judgement. It’s true that new fans might not know everything about the star they are following, but to me that’s still no excuse.

      To put it another way: What would you do if you’d met someone for the first time and then later that day someone you barely knew (not one of your friends, but a relative stranger) said that the person was evil? Would you really immediately assume that this new person you had just met was evil based solely on the word of a stranger? Seriously? Hopefully, not. Hopefully, you would give that new person the time to prove him/herself to you. Hopefully, you’d give them the chance to show you what they were realy made of.

      Doesn’t Rain deserve at least the same consideration?

      Terri :-}


      • I hear what you are saying Terri. The only difference is most of us havent spoken directly to Rain. I can usually pick up certain mannerisms and behaviors better in person than from a screen or a printed article. I wish we could see more of him in the US though. Hopefully those who dont understand him completly, I include myself there, can see him in a complete light.


      • Woah Terri,

        I feel like I need to defend myself. I have stated and will say again I’m a Cloud until I’m not. I don’t anticipate ever Not being one. But Terri come on, you feel we’re not “true” fans because of our reaction to this article? I am TOTALLY on Rain’s side however, you can’t discount the fact that Bi hardly ever gives English interviews and Everything he states is subject to interpretation by someone. When you say investigate, where do we go to get more info., other than to other fan blogs, articles/interviews subject to the same type of interpretations. Personally, I don’t go all over the internet to the AllPop’s and K-Pop sites. I come here and one other place that’s it. In answer to your question, no I would not automatically believe someone is evil just because someone said so. I always judge a situation/person by my Personal dealings with that person or in that situation. This is where we (fans) are at a disadvantage. In our (fans) defense, we don’t have ANY way to judge what Ji-Hoon says as the gospel truth. He never interviews in English. His words will Always Be interpreted into English and we are at the mercy of whoever gives the interpretation. It’s not unreasonable that he could have said, what was printed. It’s not unreasonable that he could have changed his mind. These were not unreasonable things to believe (IMO). What bothered me Totally was the implied insult to the U.S. This was SO out of character for the Ji-Hoon I have come to know and that’s what “stung” the most for me personally. But Terri to say we are not “true” fans because the contradictory nature presented by this misunderstanding was believable in part, is like saying a mother doesn’t love her child because she chooses to work instead of being a stay at home Mom. Sure we are loyal, sure we are true and the same way you’ve asked us to give him the benefit of the doubt, we will because we “love some Ji-Hoon”……but, by the same token, I won’t automatically think Ji-Hoon can’t ever say anything hurtful or contradictory either.

        But it’s all good, I’m still “crazy about” Ji-Hoon and Love CloudUSA always! (SMILES)


        • And it’s very strange, BiAlmode and Gigi and others, that you all are thinking I’m talking about YOU.

          Because I’m not talking about you. In fact, our Cloud USA members are the ones who are the LEAST likely to behave disloyally and who are the least reactive to news stories when they are published. You ladies always try very hard to think before you act rashly. Thank goodness.

          Again, it’s not YOU. You all should NOT feel the need to defend yourselves.

          Terri :-}


          • Ok Mama……it’s cool! (SMILES) I go overboard with the words sometimes, Just So I’m not misunderstood. (SMILES)


          • Ditto that. It is very odd. Even when I’ve said “this isn’t about anyone here” (because it’s about some crazies somewhere) someone always thinks I’m talking about somebody here. Even when you haven’t done anything to get told off for LOL!

            Y’all are a pretty awesome bunch, so I don’t get it. *heart you* *group hug* *trying to not get bashed in the head with something* 😛

            Stephe ^@@^


          • I aint mad at you ladies, no head bashing from me. I’m just opinionated to a fault.

            I think I know what you are referring to Stephe. I’ve seen a few doozies myself. One posted that she would harm herself if he didnt respond to her. I was like >_<. Holy buckets! Where are your parents? I felt like somehow following her just to tell her to get help, but alas I minded my own. You never know with people sometimes.


  14. I completly agree with you in all points, but what dissapoints me the most is for fans to believe any kind of drivel that get put out by the media knowing full well that sometimes it very biased against BI, and it seem s specially the American press, there always seems to be something misinterpreted or mistranlated that gives the wrong idea, I just hope that those of us who know better don’t spread the lies arounf, if you’re a true fan then you kow what is true and what is not…aja aja BI!!! 😉


  15. One thing I do want to say to you all is please, don’t get us wrong.

    Doubt can save your butt a lot of the time. It’s natural, and a good thing. It’s not wrong to let yourself feel doubt when it creeps up, even about Rain (he is human and and subject to bad choices like the rest of us); rather, it’s what you do with the doubt.

    There were fans out there who sounded like they would actually jump off of something high. They were so despondent that it was kind of scary.

    Of course, they could have just been talking, or just drama queens. But you never know.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Who Are These People???……..Maybe I’m out of the true K-Pop loop. I’m not jumping off nothing high for nobody. If you read Anywhere that I have found my way to the ground floor of a building 100 stories high, then call the Cops IMMEDIATELY because I have been pushed. I’m telling ya now……..DON’T BELIEVE IT ladies!!!

      Now I’m being silly, can you tell I feel better? Baby Love is still Baby Love………(SMILES)


  16. Thank you Stephe for your take as well on this article. I will try not to leave as long a comment as I did on Terri’s take, but I will say this. It’s hard to know what someone said or didn’t really say when you don’t know them personally. As much as I “love” him, in reality I don’t know him.

    You are absolutely right! As I stated on Terri’s take, my confusion, disappointment, irritation came when the Tone of this article “smacked” of disrepect with a capital “D.” Nobody wants to be disrespected, I don’t give a damn who you are. I was confused because this didn’t sound like Baby Love, but at the same time I don’t know him personally and I don’t have access to “his people” to corroborate his interview statements or intentions. I am certainly not one to Instaneously believe everything I read, but when something Seems Plausible, it’s not a stretch to believe the statements could have been made. My ignorance lies in the fact that I don’t know the inner workings of news reporting, particularly foreign news reporting. Even though I am well aware of the Associated Press. I mentioned the tone of this interview could very well have been “lost in translation,” that I get. But I bristled mainly at what felt like disrespect. He can run his career however he wants to from whatever part of the world he wants to, as is his right, but don’t be disrespectful. Because as “crazy about” him as I am, I will focus my energies elsewhere……..if that’s how you want it Ji-Hoon. (*Just Saying*)


    • Understandable, girl! Thanks for sharing your “take”… 🙂

      Boy, few things turn my blood cold quicker than the Big D (Dissssss-respect)…

      Stephe ^@@^


      • For the record, I’m not going anywhere, but Ji-Hoon needs to speak to us more in English. I want him to do it not just because it’s him speaking in English, but so we can understand his true intentions, whatever they are, just as Clearly and Precisely as his Asian fans understand him now. Then misunderstandings like this won’t happen.

        Honestly, I think somebody may not want him to truly crossover and become all “Americanized.” What better way to discourage this new “marriage” of Ji-Hoon with the U.S. market than to say HE said something derogatory about our country. (*Just My Opinion*)


        • Point taken, BiA.

          Somebody needs to either $%#! or get off the pot. And he needs to watch those in his inner circle VERY closely…

          Stephe ^@@^


  17. Steph you are awesome to provide us with a detailed overview of how much the media can misconstrue pertinent information. We Clouds thank you for having Rains’ back.


  18. I just want to thank you for writing this article. Just yesterday I was feeling sad. I kinda felt something was off or missing but wasnt sure what to believe.

    I should have known better and not taken the bait.

    I feel really aweful now for thinking Rain didnt care about all of us. It makes me very upset that the one article that will give him attention here in the US was handled in such a way. Why cant they write a decent article about him and quote him properly? I think though that their attempts will backfire. As upset as we were it showed that we are here in large numbers and care about Rain coming to the US. I hope now he can see the influence he trully has here.


  19. Thank you Stephe We all should know the kindness of his persona and how careful he is on using the right words during his interviews …


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