[fan cam] Only One: Rain records on the TIME Red Carpet.

โ€” Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Oh yes, “Shawty” was the only one we were all looking for at the 2011 TIME 100 Gala, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

Do enjoy this wonderful fan cam of Rain recording on the TIME Red Carpet the night of April 26 (after the party), while friend and colleague Ronnie Yang looks on. Thanks to Cloud Scorpiola for sharing her treasure!

[Rain (Bi) Fancam]110426 Rain recording after TIME100 Gala Party in NY. (credit and edit: Scorpiola / scorpiolabibi @YT. Please DO NOT edit this video and DO NOT re-upload this video to any other Youtube or online video hosting players, per owner’s request. Re-posting or embedding this Youtube video to other sites is fine, but NO re-upload please. Thanks!)

~ by Cloud USA on May 13, 2011.

One Response to “[fan cam] Only One: Rain records on the TIME Red Carpet.”

  1. Wow, very nice that she was able to capture this vid, while it’s quiet and a clear view. Rain is so handsome. โ™ฅ


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