Before being a ninja assassin, Rain was a fighter of wind.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

[Cloud USA 5/11/11] Yes, fans—Rain’s first martial arts role (and movie debut) almost came years before BokGu (drama A Love To Kill) OR Raizo (movie Ninja Assassin).

In 2002, he was set for the lead role of “Choi Bae-dal” in the South Korean film Fighter of Wind, set for release around Thanksgiving 2003.

The movie was based on Japanese manga Karate Baka Ichidai and on real life martial arts master Mas Oyama, the legendary founder of Kyokushinkai Karate. It is said that Rain even traveled to the mountains of Japan and participated in a full training course that included a 22km marathon run, mind-cultivation and fitness drills in bitter cold weather. But, as we understand it, he had to pull out of the role in June 2003 because of continued scheduling conflicts with the recording of his second album, Rain2: How To Avoid The Sun (released October 2003), which simply could no longer be delayed.

The movie’s budget was nearly as high as “Red Muffler”, so you could say it was considered a blockbuster at the time. The lead was recast and the movie released as Fighter In The Wind in 2004.

There were rumblings in the media back then about whether or not Rain could handle such a physically punishing role, as young and as thin as he was. I say… are you kidding? Of course he could have! With that disciplined of a mind, there was nothing he couldn’t accomplish then or now. The real question is, if he had conquered the movie scene that early in his career, what might have happened to SangDoo, to YoungJae, BokGu, Ilsun, Taejo, and Raizo? How much earlier would they have come?

Or would they have come at all?

Stephe /

Source: KBS


[fan made] Very early Fighter of Wind photo shoot, set to Kung Fu Panda movie theme “Kung Fu Fighting”, by Rain. (courtesy of kyoshime @YT)


(image sources: The Cloud, and RAIN Germany)

~ by Cloud USA on May 11, 2011.

10 Responses to “Before being a ninja assassin, Rain was a fighter of wind.”

  1. Is a shame he didn’t do it but it’s ok cuz it gave him the confidence to do NA. Love THE HAIR!!!!!


  2. Taejo and Raizo would have come Way Sooner….IMO. We would probably have known him more for his acting than his singing. It would have been an interesting turn of events, wouldn’t it?


  3. now i see why rain so HUMBLE and challange COZ, he very put his training and hardworking come first yup!! u can tell rain can devote to any skill and
    typcase he in no wondering he so TALEN !! and fical too this kunfu tubo he ddi very amazing i would love to see one day did Chinese drama series and he is the leading character of it word sword as well oh my that would be just my option ok!! who is the actress CRYSTAL LIU i recoment she good and pretty rain can play it???


  4. During the interview with NA, he told reporters that he had martial arts training at a young age. But this arduous training while making that movie Fighter in the Wind has never been revealed until now. No wonder Rain seemed ready for the NA part, no one could be more idyllic than him. But he looked so young at the time, with that baby face and fragile body of his, who would have thought that a lean, mean body machine is lurking somewhere.


    • True that. The fights and competitions during Oyama-sama’s journey were so brutal and grueling that people were freaking out over Rain being able to recreate that stuff. They just couldn’t see it.

      If they’d only known then what we all know now. Haha.

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. Hmm, didn’t know about Fighter of the Wind. Seeing how hard he worked for Ninja Assassin and anything for that matter. I am sure he would have done an amazing job in that movie.


  6. Thank you Stephe for the info!!


  7. Aww the baby face! I love it…
    We all know Rain would’ve kicked that movie role’s a-s. I’m just sayin’!


  8. Wow, very interesting… I’m sure he would have worked very hard and done well with this role in 2003. He looks awesome in these pics. Yep, it does make you wonder how different things may have turned out if he had done this drama. Seems like JiHoon was destined for stardom one way or another! 😀


  9. ownnnn…nice and adorable Rain =^^=


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