The Billboard Music Awards has a new category this year.

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{*ETA 5/18: Voting for the Fan Favorite Award will end on Friday, May 20, at midnight. Three more days, so let’s crunch it! Thanks, Clouds!}

Nominate Rain for the 2011 Fan Favorite Award! The winner of this brand new addition to the annual Billboard Music Awards is unique in that it’s completely up to the fans. People’s Choice! So “write in” Rain (Bi), or Rain (Jung JiHoon), and let’s help the Man make history!

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When the Billboard Music Awards are handed out in Las Vegas on May 22, there’s one trophy that will stand apart all the others – and that’s because the decision of who gets it is entirely up to you.

The first-ever Fan Favorite Award will be presented to the musician who receives the most votes in our exclusive readers poll. There’ll be no chart statistics, airplay data or ticket sales influencing this decision. Your vote and your vote alone will decide the winner!

The poll will be open from Monday, May 9 through Friday, May 20. The winner will be announced on May 22, the day of the Billboard Music Awards.

Check out the list of selected nominees below. Don’t see your favorite as one of the choices? Submit their name in as a write-in candidate (We’ll count every vote equally). Every submission counts, so vote now and vote often. And be sure to tune in to on ABC on May 22 to watch Rihanna, Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj, Black Eyed Peas and more of your faves perform at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, Live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

» Go to the site HERE to participate. Thanks, fans! 

~ by Cloud USA on May 10, 2011.

15 Responses to “The Billboard Music Awards has a new category this year.”

  1. I vote for Rain.


  2. oh thank u for that now basixc then i just have to submit rain Rain (bi) jung Ji Hoon in the the box then i guess right??


  3. @stephe or terri
    ladies i have a important question did the Fan Favorite Award Now! 2011 Music Award add trian???
    is that supost to mean rain are they trying to say rain but instead train can somone explain this to me why are say train on the list its it coz of by his name rain confusion if train meaning for rain that good i well until 22 but i am make sure is train for
    —- > RAIN


  4. Rain forever =^^=


  5. i have been voteing all day and im going to keep it up


  6. i already did the voting alot time i wrote Rain (bi) jung Ji Hoon and i sumit his voting too i like it like that so it would be confusion of them


  7. Ladies,

    I say we write in both Rain (Bi) AND Rain (Jung JiHoon).

    I did and it let me vote for both of them.


    Terri :-}


  8. Nice, thanks for the heads up about this… voting.


  9. wouldn’t that be the have him make history yet again…yup i voted and will again and again…thanks for the information.


  10. Gah! I dled internet explorer 9 and now that page is acting up. I’m probably going to have to uninstall. Annoying!


  11. I’m voting and tweeting!!


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