[Eng trans] RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 6. Left side, right side, and roller skates.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Asia broadcast 5/7.

Oh! As I hit “play”, we pick right up where we left off last week—in the middle of the Presto-Change-o-Clothing Teaseroo. Works for me. Let us continue to watch how the ADIEU! 2010 with Rain concerts, that took place this past New Year’s Eve, came to be.

(Hair rehearsal! The Hair contracted with J.Tune is also being tested. Sling it around, JiHoon. Make it bounce. There you go. ♥)

First up is working out the details for “I Do”— the two chairs being set up at center stage are a dead giveaway. As Rain strolls around half-singing, casually taking care of whatever issue and/or multitasking, it seems that he’s decided to take it easy (after all, he’s done this song and all his others a ga-trillion times and could do them in REM sleep). But we know better, don’t we, fans? We know that, in actuality, Rain’s sharp senses and mind are trained on every single thing that’s going on around him, even when it looks like he’s not paying attention, right? In fact, I dare say that because he’s not singing here, his mind is seriously honed in on something, listening to it, feeling it, and if whatever it is hits him wrong at any moment, we’ll know. Because he’ll say something. And it will be fixed.

Oh ho. Two seats become one, so this must be where “My Girl” comes in. Yep—here comes the self-cam/Rain-fancams-the-fans section… haha. That was one of the cutest parts of the Rain Loves ZEPP tour, wasn’t it? 🙂

Hoookayy… so, either someone made a quick run out to the nearest HMart, or— LOL what’s up with the shopping cart, folks? The little bitty bear could be a stand-in for the actual whopping big bear that gets given away, but… The. Shopping. Cart? Rain is like, Duhhhh for real?? keke. SungTak and Company are probably just trying to get the Man to smile and loosen up a bit, and I don’t blame them. He seems awfully preoccupied… probably worried about ADIEU going off without a hitch.

I’m used to seeing SungTak hyung “all up in the KoolAid” (because let’s face it, he’s a lot more than a dancer when it come to Rain) but in this episode he seems even more involved, and I’m glad. I’m really glad that Rain has him for help, for assurance, and just to bounce ideas off of anytime, anywhere.

Aaaah. The piano intro for “Love Is” is lovely. And before long, it’s time for a retro-fitted, Discoed-down “Fresh Woman” rehearsal with “left-side”, “right-side”, and roller skates… roller skates.

With that, we’re out for this week! I’ll see if a translation has come down the pike… See you all next time. 😀

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org

(credit: rainsnow /happyyyrain torrent / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain : Let me introduce a wonderful couple today.

Rain : Hyung! Images are appearing clearly? (OK) How about the LED? Is everything unfolding in a very natural way?

Rain : When I say, “Where is this man?”, please let his image shown on the screen…

Now let me invite the man to come on stage.

Rain : Which direction is he going on stage from?

The man who always gives answers to his girl friend in monosyllables, is coming on stage with her. [LOL! ^@@^]

Rain : Please kiss each other whenever the word ‘I Do’ comes out while I sing my song.

Rain : Are you ready? Please play the music.

Rain : This time, let me invite a female fan to come on stage, who will be chosen through the images to be captured by a camera.

Rain : I‘m lifting my camera and pulling female audiences into focus. By the way, It doesn’t work.

Rain : Supposing I chose one female audience.

Rain : Have a seat, please.

Rain : I’m going to begin a date which is just between ourselves.

Rain : I think it would be better to just carry it.

Rain : Thank you for coming out, and here’s something for you.

Rain : Just a moment, hyung! Coming out from below would be better.

Rain : I’ll sing a song suitable for the atmosphere this time.

Rain : Step!! step!! scream!! step!! step!! Your voices are too small!

Rain : Yunkyung! (stylist), confirm that I’m supposed to change my clothes by this time. Where are you? Yunkyung! [Okay, I thought he was being surly here when I read it, and I was going to READ him the riot act about being rude to staff, but in going back and watching this part, there is NO irritation in Rain’s voice at all. Cool. My bad. 🙂 ^@@^]

Rain : Please use a sound effect in this part. Eureka!

Rain : At this point, you shouldn’t have to come out.

Rain : Please come out after me. Come out..come out..

Rain : I’ve always been dissatisfied with what I play alone. Please hold your hands up! Let’s dance together. Right hand, left hand..once again.. Left hand, right hand, left hand, left hand. Once again. Let’s make some progress in dancing this time. Twice to the left, twice to the right, twice to the left, and then scream. Once again.

Rain : This time, let’s try more quickly.

~ by Cloud USA on May 8, 2011.

6 Responses to “[Eng trans] RAINY DAY Season 3, episode 6. Left side, right side, and roller skates.”

  1. Love it when Rain counted from 5 to 8. Only true dancers count that way. Ohh the memories!!! 😀


  2. I think it is cute how they got the couple on stage. That was funny the girl wheeled out the shopping cart and Jihoon busted out with a laughter.


  3. Ok…For some reason when they wheeled out the shopping cart…I couldnt stop laughing.


  4. Thanks for this, just what I needed. My hubby is working today so it’s just me and my daughter for most of the day.
    Have a great Mother’s Day everyone.


  5. What a GREAT start to my day!

    I just got finished watching Rainy Day and now my son, Rob, has gone to pick us up some breakfast. What’s better than THAT? (Alex is already at work, unfortunately, so he’s missing out, but we’ll see him later.)

    Here’s hoping everybody has a wonderful Mother’s Day with your own loved ones.

    Terri :-}


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