[Eng summary][clip] Rain’s Muffler co-star Kim SungSoo talks about a memorable training moment…

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

…under the watchful eye of ROK flight trainers, on MBC’s Section TV.

Cripes! I believe this! Ouch! Now, you know, fans, that Rain would be so intent on passing that 9G acceleration drill that he would have had his whole body on lock-down. You know this. Oooh, his poor toes. Youch! You’re the Man, JiHoon! 🙂

» Our previous post with information on the training Rain has received for his role is HERE.

110498. (Credit: DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(Brief English summary by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Actor ‘Kim Sung Soo’ said about the most memorable moment while shooting “Flight: Close to the Sun” starring Rain. (old title : Red Muffler)

Actor ‘Kim Sung Soo’ almost fell into a faint while doing the 9G acceleration drill, a training program which is even very difficult for skilled pilots to complete, whereas Rain passed the drill. But, Rain wasn’t able to stretch out his toes after a day of going through the hard training.

~ by Cloud USA on May 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “[Eng summary][clip] Rain’s Muffler co-star Kim SungSoo talks about a memorable training moment…”

  1. Ouch that seem like that hurt, LOL!!!! Rain is so competitive he was so determined to pass.


  2. The poor guy it is all good.LOL!


  3. Poor baby!!!! Gawd he is so competitive!!! That must hurt like a mother!! We love you babe and there’s no need for this!! 😦


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