[online talk radio] The Mary & Tracy Show hosts cover Rain in their Important People series.

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Mary: “He—Rain—rides the wave. He’s the crest. He’s at the top. He’s the guy that everybody loves….”

[Cloud USA 5/6/11] You read that headline correctly, fans! Mary A. Reed of Los Angeles, host of online talk radio’s The Mary & Tracy Show, and her guest host Noreen Brown started off their very first Important People series installment yesterday, on May 5, with two men that they find influential and absolutely fascinating—Rain and Chef Rick Bayless.

According to their blurb on blogtalkradio.com, Mary and Noreen will be speaking about important and influential people we should all know, but may have missed because of the overload of media information that inundates us on a daily basis. When they saw the TIME 100 Most Influential People list this year, and realized that they couldn’t identify many of the names, they decided that folks needed to be introduced to these people who are helping to shape our world.

Mary (during the Intro): “And we are also going to try to get into the discussion on this show the person that I chose, someone completely unrelated, and unrelated to Cinco de Mayo as a matter of fact. The person that I chose to speak about today is a Pop star from Korea by the name of Rain. And so the second half of the show today, we’ll be talking about this incredible person who actually got more votes than any other person in TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People’s poll…

…And so when I looked it up, I just found it completely fascinating. He represents a whole cultural wave coming out of the East…”

Even with my utter excitement at Rain being chosen as a topic by an online talk radio host here in the States, I have to say I did find Noreen’s talk on Chef Bayless fascinating. I would try his cooking any day, and can certainly see why she brought him to the table. And then…

Noreen (at minute marker 19:32): “Now, tell us about RAIN!”

SangDoo Let’s Go To School is mentioned, as well as Full House, Speed Racer, Rain embracing his single eyelids, the power of the Hallyu Wave, et cetera. I have to say that this was 30 minutes out of my day well spent.

Rain hasn’t begun his military service yet, Mary—he would have by now, but for a postponement granted by his country so that he could continue studies for his Masters degree and finish up career obligations that were in the works. He should be enlisting before the end of this year. Thanks so much for talking Rain up on your show. Have you been introduced to Rain’s movie Ninja Assassin, by Warner Bros., yet? He is the first Korean to have a supporting role in a Hollywood blockbuster (Speed Racer), but he had the lead role in Ninja Assassin—again, the first Korean to ever do so in Hollywood.

» Listen to The Mary & Tracy Show: Important People series #1: Chef Rick Bayless and Korean Pop star Rain on Blog Talk Radio HERE.

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~ by Cloud USA on May 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “[online talk radio] The Mary & Tracy Show hosts cover Rain in their Important People series.”

  1. Wow how awesome is this. I have never heard or Mary or Noreeen but I love the fact that they talked about Rain. I am glad that his appearance in Time is getting him some positive attention.


  2. i love the way mary and Noreen though and talk about INFLUINCE are whices our rain got their mood and intersting of a talk and something they bring to show talk and whices have bough rain more atttion he is IMPACK person that her in USA would never regret it ahahahah seriously they need to get more of rain attetion and speak about more these twp
    ladies are making me have a grin whike just listing to them they say POP STAR of rain and more vote TIME MAG poll i bet they are intersting him even more rain very bring more attractive and of his cultre bring him all over i proud of them adimre and instertsting bring him to new talk.
    way goes ladies i am liking you bough and please continue make some NOISE of rain 🙂
    *happy Dance ya… 🙂 Lol..


  3. Great show… I admit I ffwd through the parts about Rick Blayless and just listened to the Rain part, which was really good. I left a comment thanking them for taking the time to learn more about him, and then talking about him on their show.. He IS super interesting, once you get to know him. 🙂
    I hope more people do this. This sort of thing is exactly why I took the time to sit there and vote 203948348 times.


  4. OMG Stephe!! I’m already falling in love with this Mary and Noreen, though I DO NOT know them at ALL !!!! Ha ha!!! Thanks again for sharing !!!


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