Blast from the past #66. (And a New on the Block. Why not?)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Incredible stage presence. Incredible charisma. Incredible rapport with the audience.

How did he DO this?

Please enjoy a look back at one of Rain’s most amazing feats to date… his 2007 Rain’s Coming World Tour, and his performance of the song “Handshake” during the Daegu concert stop of that tour. By a show of hands… who all out there would absolutely kill to have been that doggone mic stand? Heavens! @__@ *flatlined*

Rain’s world in Dague-Handshake. (credit: KW / kchws @YT)


Why stop there, with “Handshake”?

New on the Block:

Rain’s world tour stop in Daegu, South Korea, from October of 2007. You can check out not only “Handshake” but the entire concert by fan cam over on its own sub-page under the IN CONCERT section of our media blog sidebar, to your right. →

You might want to set aside a nice chunk of time and pack a lunch, though, because it’s a doozy. A doozy well worth every second! Please have at it. And have loads of fun!

~ by Cloud USA on May 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Blast from the past #66. (And a New on the Block. Why not?)”

  1. Jihoon sounds so sweet talking to the fans.


  2. Yes, that mic stand is pretty lucky…LOL.


  3. Melting in a pudle with that voice!!! Arghhhh!!!! Love the way he touched that mike pole, Yezzz, the only thing missing was a kiss, if only the pole could have a head!!! ROFL!!!!!!!


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