[fan cam] It rained pandemonium on the TIME 100 Red Carpet, Part 2.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

This time, from Scorpiola’s point of view! (The first time, from NY Cuckoo’s!)

We’ve got to give props for how she hung in here and fought to get The Shot no matter what, despite crowd mayhem, Gala coordinators, and pseudo-Secret Service security men (say that fast ten times) who meant business. Thumbs UP.

Did y’all see where that Cloud USA sign was in relation to Rain’s head? Gigi_rou said that she, Diva, Stormy, and Tara were only about five feet away, and they truly were!

[Rain (Bi) Fancam]110426 Rain @ TIME100 Gala Party in NY_Red Carpet. (Credit: Scorpiola / scorpiolabibi @YT. Please DO NOT edit and DO NOT re-upload this video to other channels, per the owner’s request. Thanks!)

~ by Cloud USA on May 3, 2011.

7 Responses to “[fan cam] It rained pandemonium on the TIME 100 Red Carpet, Part 2.”

  1. @Scorpiola watching your video is so exciting. I feel like I was there. I am so happy that you guys got a chance to get close up on Rain. I too would of had a fangirl moment if I had gotten that close to him.


  2. Did you hear that photographer say at the end “one, two, three, saranghae” with an American accent? LOL! Glad there were plenty of fans making a commotion – people there will be curious to know “Who is this guy causing all the ruckus???” 🙂


  3. @ Gigi… after seeing this, he had to have seen us. Our signs were right there and they were held up nice and high. Yay!


  4. Lmao wow! Now that I hear the pandemonium that was going on, I don’t feel so embarrassed. Note to everyone that might be wondering if all that screaming was just for Rain: Ummm yeah! It was super quiet up until Rain showed up. Noone really knew who the people were that showed up before him.
    Question: Is it just me or is someone yelling, “You are my man!” over and over?? Lolllll… Ok I was feeling kinda silly about freaking out over Rain but now I’m so not. Ha!


    • @ Diva, Gigi, Storm and Tara, I’m so happy that you guys had the chance to be there, see JiHoon and experience it all. Wow, so exciting. I don’t think anyone could help but have a fan-girl moment once he appeared… You lucky Ladies… 😀


    • I can only imagine how he must of felt after hearing all that commotion just for him. 🙂


  5. OMG…I thought we were the wild ones at the Time party..lol. He was looking at our direction briefly. Maybe he did see us. That tree I was sandwiched next to blocked my view a bit of the beginning part.


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