[article][no Rain] Awesome KPop moment of the week: French fans get it done.

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What do we want? KPOP! When do we want it? NOW! And they did it outside of the Louvre…! *applause* *applause* *applause* 😀

HanCinema 5/2/2011 —

French K-pop fans call for an additional concert in Paris

An unusual flash mob protest was held in Paris Sunday. French fans of Korean pop music gathered in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris, calling for an additional K-pop concert to be held in the city.
During the hour-long protest, some 300 hundred K-pop fans shouted slogans while holding signboards and dancing to Korean pop music.

The event was organized by a French K-pop fanclub, after local fans could not get tickets for a K-pop concert to be held in the French capital on June 10th featuring popular music groups like Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and SHINee.

6300 tickets sold out in just 15 minutes online. The Korean entertainment agency arranging this concert says it is considering adding an extra date due to high demand.

Source : www.arirang.co.kr… ( English Korean )

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9 Responses to “[article][no Rain] Awesome KPop moment of the week: French fans get it done.”

  1. I most definately support k-pop but if it involves SME count me out, I will not support anything of theirs until the situation with JYJ gets resolved..I love their artists but I cannot do it…


  2. its okay we will start a viral FLASH MOB! every post we do anywhere could be about rain and kpop! we could do a youtube video every couple of days n pass it on to the next person to do and keep the chain going!!! hmmmmm me and my rebellious self!!!!! i wonder if maliah and sasha Obama like kpop???? hmm if they did President Obama could order them all to come here! how exciting!!!! ohh im filled with such joy!!!…..or tiredness…..lol


  3. Wow, that’s amazing!! Kpop is gaining ground slowly but surely. I am so excited!! Probably by the time Rain gets out of MS the kpop music is gonna be known in more places around the world so it’s gonna be easier for him to introduce his music. Yey!!!


  4. Saw this today… Considering doing my own Kpop flashmob, except there’d only be like… 4 of us. Sigh…


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