Mentholatum China is updated with even MORE Rain.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Well, fans! Not only have the MENtholatum for Men product sub-pages been revamped with Rain, as we’ve seen… looks like the Mentholatum China main site has followed suit. Firstly, the main portal page now has the new MENtholatum OcHyPo logo and three Rain buttons:

The first button takes you to a Mentholatum Corporate/Rain promotion and news article page that is all gussied up with shots from the press conference (the news articles are at the bottom of the page).

The second and third buttons take you to new product announcements previously linked to the corporate page. This one is tying in Rain’s BEST concert in Shanghai.

Secondly… well, let’s just say I knew what I was looking for. Did I dare try the TV CF button this time, and would I be disappointed again? Did they finally have Rain’s commercial spot up?

YES! The Man is in full CF action! (Now Playing: Men Oil Control refreshing series – Icy 30 seconds live carbon Cleanser) Woahhhh…

Goodness gracious. The Man and the new logo are everywhere there. (Just like Mentholatum is everywhere out here, all over the world.)

And thirdly: The Rain promotional page in the MENtholatum for Men product sub-pages has finally been activated and you can see his new CF, see the Making of film, and get wallpaper HERE. (Try not to hurt yourselves doing it. I was nearly in a coma myself.) I imagine the product order pages are working too by now. I didn’t stay around to find out because by then I was in too much of a daze.

So… head on over there and have yourselves some fun seeing where all you can find it Raining on Mentholatum. (You might want to pack a lunch. It just might take all day. Or night.) 🙂


(1024 x 768. Wallpaper courtesy of MENtholatum)

~ by Cloud USA on April 30, 2011.

12 Responses to “Mentholatum China is updated with even MORE Rain.”

  1. OH My my mouth just open wild and say awawwwwwwwwww!! :P)
    delcious of rain have fifuil his goal here damit the 2 last down camrea have so much tase forget to let rain goes deep down bang i would love the EXTRA hand for that awawawawaw!!
    rain why hurt me so bad i could for forwars or backward i’m STOCK !!
    i would minds mu hobby walk *NK* in from me everday that slack would do baby need my help WOOOOOOOOOOT o.O


  2. OMO…. Eye candy pics galore!!! I better stop here, because when I look at the last 3 pics, my thoughts quickly move from “PG” to “X” (Oh, If only I was younger….. *SIGH*) 😉


    • lol im right there with u sister but for me u mite hav to add a few more “x’s” on to tht first x bwahahahahahaha


  3. Gah, thanks for posting an update about this. I had checked the Mentholatum site last week and was curious when it was going to get more Rain. Love all the pictures…so caliente!


  4. Look at his 6 packs hot.


  5. I am near catatonic with these picts!!! God Almighty, Rain looks soo darn hot and handsome!!! SCREAM!!! Black and white pict. is impressive and I want to see it all!! The last one is my favorite and takes my breath away every time. O.o


  6. *************hot dog diggity dang! good googily moogily, hot potatoe one potatoe two potatoe, hot cross buns hot cross buns see how they run, miss marry mack mack mack all dressed in black X3, horton hears a who**************………………
    OHH Sumemasin, Gomensai! sorry, Rain’s photos made me slow and unable to think and put sentences together for a min. please forgive me everyone!


  7. Seriously why dont they just rename the thing RAINtholatum. It’s more fitting.


  8. Love them All !!! 🙂


  9. Thanks ladies, JiHoon works so hard and it shows.


  10. The last picture is my favorite. I cannot get enough of looking at it. Every time I look at it I get chills all over. That picture is perfect. His face and body look so damn freakin gorgeous, sexy and hot!!!! The black and white pictue is my second favorite. He look very hot in that pic too!!!


  11. The black and white one with him in the push up position is my favorite.


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