MBLAQ check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Please forgive us, Boys! We haven’t forgotten you—we could never do that, ever. It’s just that the TIME Debacle for the past month and a bunch of other things simply took over everything here. So you keep doing the great stuff that you do…

And we’ll continue to cheer you and your A+s on. MBLAQ fighting! 🙂


SeungHo’s response to Rain’s TIME Gala Tweet… Aww! ♥ (SOURCE: Seungho’s Twitter / TRANSLATION: mir-fied@AbsoluteMBLAQ / ABM Blog post by msshady @ AbsoluteMBLAQ)

TRANSLATION: @MBLAQSH Jihoon hyung whom I respect.. I am jealous..ㅠ Our MBLAQ will work really hard to be right behind hyung!! RT @29rain The seat that I’ve come back to since 5 years ago…I really can’t express the feeling into words! Back then I thought it would be my first and last time but I came again! Would I be able to come back a few years later? Anyways every thank you I am going inside the studio now http://twitpic.com/4pyv1r


Allkpop 4/26/2011 — by Vitalsign

MBLAQ supports MBC’s 2011 Give Life To A Child campaign

MBLAQ has set out for the streets of Youngdeungpo’s Time Square for MBC’s 50th anniversary event, the “2011 Give Life to A Child” campaign.

Through the campaign, the boys introduced and raised awareness about bone-marrow transplants. They also aided in helping donors who wished to help out take the correct steps to make it happen.

Despite the pouring rain, MBLAQ and the citizens of Korea made a heartwarming promise to share their hope with the sick children of the nation. The boys’ good deeds didn’t end there though, as the members also took an oath promising to become donors themselves.

Footage of their campaign can be seen through MBC’s 50th anniversary special on May 5th at 4:10 PM KST.

Source: Sports Korea via Nate

~ by Cloud USA on April 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “MBLAQ check.”

  1. That’s cool of the guys. And I to love there ablum. And can’t wait to here more.


  2. I must say that Mblaq’s cd is my second favorite after Rainism. Fell in love with ALL songs in the cd and that was BEFORE getting the english translation that I found on YT. Now I love those songs even more. They did a great job and I am very pleased with it. Love G.O.’s high notes, Thunder’s way of saying “sugar” Lol!!! but also his tender voice, Mir’s rapping and Cheong (don’t know if I spell it correctly, sorry!!) clear voice too. Love the way all of them pamper their females. Is corny, I know, but I love it anyway!!


  3. Way to go guys! Good looking out.


  4. AWAWAWA !! that was very so sweet of them but u know Mblaq boy u are also grow too a know as talen and good peroram but, ofcurse your HYUNG is mutil taleness he learn alot frrom stuborm it not easy for rain to becam world and grow his poplauarity golbe righ?? rain did what he can
    make everbody to happy and working so much harder neverless he did get much rest either poor rain i sometime hape to pity him for that work Aloholic but it true rain is DERSVED that from fans and CLOUDS that truly inspre from he done in this world and one they guy well prove your boss what u mean too just give your a puddle for that and proud for him like i say if u don’t work hard enough who well.. and of curse we love Mblaq too don’t worry we not leving behim coz just rain it all in same love. ~SMILE!! 🙂


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