[ETA Update] Influential Rain series: Rain, Chris Colfer, and other young people shouted-out by MTV Act.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to Add 8/5/11: MTV Exit has totally revamped and updated their site, so their old links no longer work. This article has been updated with new Rain/MTV Exit links, and we have notified MTV Act about the change so they can update theirs as well. ^@@^}

*Edited to Add 6/29/11: Here is a screen shot update of how Rain fans and Colfer fans have risen to the occasion over at MTV Act since my original article. From 2 Actions Taken and 4 Actions Taken, to this! I’m truly pleased at the response. And I say let’s keep going! You can never bang the drum enough. *applause, applause*


Five years ago, in 2006, South Korean mega-entertainer Rain (a.k.a. Jung JiHoon) joined MTV in the fight against human trafficking, a horrible scourge that continues to plague our planet even today. The MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) video documentary that he presents (Traffic: Rain) is the story of three very real women whose lives were utterly destroyed by forced imprisonment, prostitution, and servitude.

From the MTV EXIT site: Traffic is a unique and powerful program presented by Rain that addresses the issue of human trafficking in Asia-Pacific. Told through the stories of real people, the show features Ana, trafficked from the Philippines and forced into prostitution; Eka, an Indonesian woman, trafficked into forced domestic servitude in Singapore; and Min Aung, from Burma, trafficked to Thailand and imprisoned for 2 years in a factory. Their harrowing stories are told along side other people in the trafficking chain, including a trafficker who has been forcing girls into prostitution for over 20 years, a young man who pays for sex, an anti-trafficking police officer, and a woman who runs a shelter for abused victims. The film gives an insight into the realities of trafficking, addresses the part we all play in the issue, and gives information on how to protect ourselves as well as what we can do to help end exploitation and trafficking. 

Rain is still active in this fight, and since 2006 many celebrities across the world have joined him in this cause and presented their own EXIT documentaries in an effort to educate people and eradicate this man-made plague.

A few days ago, we noticed that MTV Act put up a wonderfully informative article about young people on the 2011 TIME 100 Most Influential People list who are truly using their influence to help others in a myriad of ways. Rain, Colfer, Bieber, Ghonim, Wills and Kate… we salute everyone on the TIME 100 list and we salute MTV Act for doing this. After all, we live in a strange world where, for some reason, because of your profession or position alone—singer, royalty, actor, POP STAR—you aren’t deemed worthy of certain awards or recognition. You aren’t seen as having done anything worthwhile or influential for your fellow man, much less treated like a person.

Well. MTV Act doesn’t agree with that. Neither do we.

Influence means that you’ve moved someone to act, which everyone on the TIME 100 list has done.

Perhaps, one day, someone will patent a cure for small-mindedness and the world might actually have a chance.

Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com / www.cloudusa.org


MTV Act 4/27/2011 — by Caroline Walker

Young People Make Dent In TIME Magazine 100 Most Influential People

Time Magazine just announced its annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people—and while longtime bigwigs did indeed make the cut, it’s refreshingly packed with a crew of young powerhouses taking the world by storm.

Here’s a partial peek at young’ns who got a shout-out:

Wael Ghonim: This 30-year-old Egyptian innovator decided to use social networks to mobilize citizens who were fed up with a corrupt regime. The effect, as Time puts it, was “miraculous.” Here’s to the founder of the Facebook Revolution. Power to the people, indeed.

Justin Bieber: Hailed as a culture-shaper, we’ve got to give it to Bieber, who’s been active in at least half a dozen charities. We’re giving props for his Pencils of Promise involvement. Paying visits to students? Love that personal touch.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: They’re listed separately and are, of course, influencers in their own right. We can’t help but clump ’em together, though, since their joint foundation is the ultimate wedding registry.

Chris Colfer: The “Glee” star mirrored back to us the effect of teen bullying, particularly against LGBT students, and we paid attention. In his Golden Globe acceptance speech, the actor (and singer and dancer) said, “Most importantly, to all the amazing kids…that are constantly told ‘no’ by bullies in their school and they can’t be who they are–well, screw that, kids!” Our sentiments exactly. (Fight back against LGBT bullying now!)

Rain: You might not yet be hip to this 29-year-old Korean pop sensation, but his global influence is nothing new. (He made this list in 2006, too.) He’s active in the fight against human trafficking; check out his MTV EXIT video here.

Check out the full list to see other young people—Bruno Mars, Blake Lively (hmmm), Mark Zuckerberg (duh) among them—making a mark.


And so now it’s time to make your mark too and take a moment join Rain’s fight. Let the world know that you care. Go to the April 27 original MTV Act article, click the red ACT button underneath JOIN RAIN’s MISSION, and share the article with your friends and loved ones using the medium of your choice. And if you’d like, go on over to the MTV EXIT site and watch the 27-minute Traffic: Rain video documentary (in Korean). Thanks, all.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on April 30, 2011.

11 Responses to “[ETA Update] Influential Rain series: Rain, Chris Colfer, and other young people shouted-out by MTV Act.”

  1. I had joined Rains Traffic mission last year…such an important cause. I agree with Stephe about MTV act. BTW I asked @MTVstyle on twitter if they were going to feature another article about Rain and they told me “I’m sure we will soon” {:


  2. I knew that Rain was involved in something like this. However I wasn’t aware how much time he actually dedicated to it. The video was a first for me, thanks for posting this.


  3. Didn’t know about this either. I am more proud of him for this. Go Rain!!!!


  4. WOW this is great. I will do what I can.


  5. I did know about this and Love and admire JiHoon for this.


  6. Wow……I knew Rain was charitable, but I wasn’t aware that he championed against human trafficking specifically. Way to go Bi!! The world is full of sick, evil, wicked, greedy people that prey on the dire circumstances of others. I applaud you Bi for becoming a part of the fight against this issue.

    I agree with everyone else. The serious lack of research into this very Active, Aware, Compassionate HUMAN BEING is appalling. He should definitely be lauded heavily for all his efforts. Unfortunately, when “prestigious” entities feel like THEIR acknowledgement is enough it is the ULTIMATE in SNOBBERY. That’s what these entities are all about. “I’m UP HERE and You’re DOWN THERE”………….PEASANT!

    You have to take entities like that with a grain of salt and USE THEM for the exposure and then go on with your life’s work.


  7. Thanks for posting Stephe, hope one day the world began to understand the magnitude of these tragedy :-(.!Thank you Rain for your help!!


  8. I am with you, @mars018.

    But I relented and bought Time 100 edition because both my 2 fav men are in it. But I couldn’t bring myself to read what they wrote.


  9. nicely said Stephe. Rain most certainly isnt JUST a pop star. He used this to be able to help others thru charities. Heck if they had time to research on Beiber, why not research about why Rain is on the list AGAIN. Why be lazy that they have to rehash an old online article? Time really lost a fan in me. Didnt think they could be small minded or lazy in their research. The award doesnt seem as prestigious to me now like it did before.


    • TIME is not my fave magz for sure. BUT Rain deserves the award, he deserves every single click we did for him online ^^
      BTW this is the first time I read about Rain fights against human trafficking. Joined him and took action and shared the info to others. Seems like lots of Clouds didn’t aware of this. Thanks for posting this info ^^
      Action taken was 4 and now is 21 and counting ^^


      • True i’m really proud of him. i didn’t know either that he supported this cause. When hit act join Rain’s mission the number of follower was 34!!!!!


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