Dear Editor: Time 100 Readers Speak

~Cloud Cover by: Terri, Managing Editor

Well, well.  It’s comforting to know that Rain’s Clouds weren’t the only one who noticed the crappy write-up of Rain in the Time 100 Issue of Time Magazine.  Sure, the letter to the editor (below) could have been a Cloud, but from the name and location of the writer, I sincerely doubt it.

Rest assured, if Time received a letter from one disgruntled reader about Rain’s write-up, then they likely received thousands.  And the fact that the editor allowed the letter to be published tells me that someone over there at time does get it.   They really do.

Rain’s write-up wasn’t the only thing Time readers complained about (In both the magazine issue and on either.  They also complained about the choices on the list (I.e., the fact that only one Hispanic was mentioned in the magazine, despite the fact that people are being persecuted in Latin America for defending human rights and fighting drug/warlords), the writing quality (lousy), the order in which list members were presented (bizarre), and the graphical quality of the magazine as a whole (to include the cover and the wacky font type/sizes).

I wholeheartedly agree, and now I’ll add my own whine to everyone else’s:

Dear Time Magazine,

Please get it together.

Please hire cover photographers who can actually use their cameras.  Please hire editors who can actually research and edit.  Please hire write writers who can actually write.  And please hire a graphic art designer who can actually design graphic art.

Thank you,

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on April 30, 2011.

16 Responses to “Dear Editor: Time 100 Readers Speak”

  1. Believe it or not, I bought TIME and COULD NOT bring myself to re-read the blurb because it was and still is a sore spot for me. So I aint gonna talk no more about it. Hopefully, once Rain goes on and conquer the “Western Fame” and TIME eats its words, I can go back and read the blurb and bhwahahaha *chock* *coughs coughs coughs*.

    Just want to give Terri both my thumbs pointing up. Well said, girlfriend!


  2. Very well said Terri!


  3. Well I am glad that we weren’t the only ones that were disgusted with that write up. I mean it had nothing to with the fact that we’re Clouds, it’s just the principle of the thing. Hopefully Time will get it together and not be so careless. I hope that they will take the “Time” to do some research instead of throwing a couple of words together and calling it an article.


  4. Totally agree with you Terri. Thank God Mr. Wyatt Petty had the guts to tell Times that Rain’s write up was terrible. Rain was the People’s Choice winner so the least they could do was to give him half page with a decent photo and a summary of his career and acomplishments that are many. I still can’t believe they put that crappy write up.


    • Ah, Marisara,

      Well, what that says to me is that Time doesn’t have very much respect for anything that is “The People’s Choice.”

      Terri :-}


      • True. But I think that Times lost credibility in the process. They were the ones who put Rain in the list in the first place and the way they handle Rain’s winning, the way they made a mockery of the people who voted for him and the crappy write up only showed their lack of profesionalism. At the end they lost a golden opportunity of getting additional readers and sell more mags. In this economy and times I think they made a huge mistake.


  5. Well good for Wyatt Petty… I’m sure if they included one letter about it, they probably got a ton of them, like Terri said. Everything from the picture they chose to what they said was infuriating. They went from “Oh Rain is so famous and up and coming” a few years ago to “Oh… yeah it’s Rain. His fans voted lots”. Smdh… I almost wrote a letter to them but I knew I might come off sounding like a rabid fan so I didn’t. I’m just glad Rain got to go.


  6. Jihoon has done so much and Time Magazine dose not see it.


  7. @Terri
    WELL SAID !!
    I COULD AGREED more then this it EXZACTLY they need to hire sombody who know they are speak about and pushlish anything out on mag or news before they have such a good write-up on this list u know the nagtive and unexpetect very get rain wrong of not even notice about who Jung Ji hoon truly a world star and suceed it not easy for a man fly long distance over outcome of such a redlious comment not fairrrrrrrrrrr to him and all his clouds that put so much effort some even vote tried and over streach their hrs voting at time poll and this what he get…
    and yea terri send this to them what took it to TIME.COM the videio articles of what rain been done for pass 8-9 years to prof how talen and most influnce he it like like an gran of slat in their .. things they say are correct and done properly. it totally misleading him and eror that they could be make on this
    and Amen to u terri i hope this well get clear aboiut him i just want to knock that person who editor write -up WRONG!


  8. Yes Terri…pls send it to them and let them know their faults. Just because they belong to a prestigious magazine doesn’t mean that all the things they say are correct and done properly. It’s about time somebody point out errors in their ways. And thanks to the lady who sent that eye opener about Rain.


  9. Thanks for this Terri.


  10. Bravooo TERRI!!!I agree w/ you…CloudUSA we proud of you…


  11. I SECOND THAT Terri!! I’d also like to thank Mr. Wyatt Petty for being just as appalled as we Clouds about Rain’s write up. He may or may not be a Cloud, but anybody who can put a sentence together and read could see it was a very inept write up. Let’s not even talk about the photo they chose.

    Yeah, TIME probably got an Avalanche of complaints!


  12. Even though I can see the positive side from Rain being included in the Time 100 list. I also, felt irritated and I will say disappointed to read what they wrote about him. They didnot point out alot of ohter important things Rain has done. So yes kudos to the lady who wrote that letter. Hopefully Time will get thier act together and get it right the next time. @Terri I totally agree with what you said.


  13. Amen Terri! And kudos to the lady that wrote that letter.


  14. I guess Time magazine has fallen on hard times and can only afford amateurs to do everything….that’s the way it looks anyway.. 😉


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