9 Responses to “[fan account] Chanee with Rain at the TIME Gala: “He’s got IT, for sure.””

  1. It was really awesome of her to post this. I agree with her too, Rain definitely has IT in spades!


  2. I just went over there and commented on her blog. This was a great post about Rain. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  3. hey chanee,
    i very want to thanbk u for suporting rain and keep him so confort like he very part of the celeb in u.S. i know how much it meanful to to and all his fan that watching and see and went to greet him so appreciate. I the talk and be knowtice on rain..HUG from Rain fans & Clouds fron USA thank u so muck ansdd sharing this wondering event i ever see much HUG!! 🙂
    btw.. i leave my commnet their on your blog too thank so much i am very porud of rain he sure need that notice and more invite to USA glad he enjoy his Sujo crocktail day ahahah 🙂


  4. Hey Chanee, I’ve gone to your blog TIME 100 post to thank you for your wonderful post, but I want to thank you here as well. Any tidbit(s) we can get about Bi we SO appreciate. I really like your blog by the way and I will be visiting again!


  5. Thank you Channee Vijay for your account. You are so sweet for sharing with us your experience. You def have good taste since you fell for our man kekekekekekeke. You were so luckyyyyyy. As far as i concern you now one of us a Cloud!!!!!


  6. Wow this was so sweet! I will so be going to her blog to thank her for this lovely post. What a class act she is. She took the time to do some research on him and that says a lot. Thanks for posting!


  7. Yes, a new fan…vejay Chanee is now one of us and Steven Colbert is the man


  8. Thank you Chanee for your time taking the picture and telling your story…thanks Stephe for posting!! :-), a new cloud was born …


  9. Thanks so much Ms. Vijay for your account, you’re so humble. I admire you for that. Now you can count me in as one of your fans too. I’m so glad you let us know your feelings about the party and most especially with Rain. I, personally would like to thank you for your lovely experience during the party and your personal encounter with Rain and you were right, we were eager beavers to find out anything about what went on inside the party esp with Rain in the picture. I hope this will not be your first and last personal encounter with our idol, and again thank you so much.


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